Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WIP Wednesday (01/06/11): I've been playing hooky

I'm away from home this week and haven't been feeling too great so I've done very little crafty 'stuff' but I HAVE managed some more crochet. I'm getting the hang of it but I'm really noticing that I take much longer to pick up new skills now than I did when I was in my teens or twenties, which is a little disconcerting. 

The front of my circular cushion cover is done, I think. Well, I measured the cushion pad before I left home so it should be the right size but I'd check before I make the back. And as I can no longer procrastinate on this matter, I've actually started making some granny squares *sharp intake of breath*. The Stylecraft DK pack that arrived last week was too cumbersome to bring away with me, so instead I brought along this selection of Rico Creative Cotton Aran - this is another "Lucy Pack" - inspired by Attic 24 - but with 50g balls of cotton so much more portable.

It's really soft and with a 4.5mm hook the fabric feels really good, but it's a pain to crochet as it's incredibly splitty. I have had to undo / redo lots of stitches due to them looking messy when the yarn has split. I'm hoping this is something that will improve as I become a more experienced hooker. 

So without further ado, I am pleased to  present to you... MY FIRST COMPLETED GRANNY SQUARE!
It'll be the front of another cushion - one of a pair for the playroom. I'm really hoping to have them finished on Friday, although as I'll be travelling for much of the day tomorrow, maybe that's a tad unrealistic.

There was something very therapeutic about making this - not just the simplicity of the pattern, but these lovely bright colours - none used for long enough to become tiresome. I'm just getting started on the second one, and may be "hooked" *groan*. I now have to decide which blanket to make when I get home - how big to make the squares, whether to make random colours or to be more purposeful, where is the first one going to live .... so many (fun) decisions to make :-)

Oh... before we leave the subject of crochet - I always say "cro-shay" (it's a French word), but I've noticed that any Welsh people I've heard say the word pronounce it "cro-sher" which got me wondering - how do people pronounce it where you live?

If you haven't yet visited Tami's Amis and would like to see all the other lovely works in progress, then please do follow this link. Have a lovely Wednesday xxx

(P.S. If you like taking photos, check out the June Photo Challenge which starts today!)


  1. "cro-shay" here too!

    Both of your covers look great Sarah - and yes the Rico is horribly splitty. Drops Paris yarn is slightly better and a great match for the Rico. I think it's easier to get hold of too.

    Have a safe journey home xx

  2. Sometimes it doesn't matter how experienced you are, some yarn is just splitty!

    Also, I've always pronounced it cro-shay... For what it's worth ;)

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Must be something going round, you are the 2nd blog I've read this am where someone wasn't feeling right.

    Lovely colors in your cotton pack, though I'm not a fan with working with cotton. I find it hard on the hands and like you said, it splits which is annoying.

  4. I hope you feel better soon.
    Cotton is very tiring to knit with. Between the lack of give and the splitting the way you feel is to be expected.
    I love the bright colors. They are so happy.

  5. Sarah, if this is what you do when you're learning a new skill, I can't imagine what you'll be like as an experienced hooker.

    I think your work is fabulous for someone period.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Wow, you won't be falling asleep crocheting THAT blanket! The colors will keep your eyes working for sure!

  7. I'm from the northeastern United States, and I've only ever heard it said "cro-shay."

    But more importantly---that granny square? Is stunning! The colours are so, so happy-making, and your crocheting is beautiful. You may feel like a beginner, but your work doesn't show it!

  8. Those look great!! The playroom cushion cover is so colorful and fun!

    And for the record, it's "cro-shay" in the US (specifically Southern California) as well.

  9. I smiled at your post title. : )
    Congrats at finishing your first granny square.

  10. Thanks everyone - I've visited loads of the other blogs today but have had trouble posting comments :(

    Hopefully it'll work better by Friday - have a good week!

  11. Where I come from (Southern California) everyone I've ever encountered pronounces it "cro-shay".

    The circular cushion is looking quite nice. Do you mind me asking what pattern you used? And I LOVE how bright and colorful the granny square is. It makes me want to do another one myself!

  12. Your first granny square is beautiful. Great colours!

  13. "Cro-Shay" here too!

    Awesome colors, nice and bright!

  14. I love all the colors! SO PRETTY, Sarah! I think the granny square looks amazing, as does the circular cushion cover. We say 'cro-shay' here as well. :)

  15. Hi Sarah,just catching up on some blogs and have been reading yours from the past couple of months.Well done on the 'crochay' cushions they look amazing,I love how you backed them.I just read about your gall bladder and hope you are on the mend? :O Love the socks youve made ,I'm well impressed,I'd love to have a go,but too scared! I think its the needles. Wishing you a happy st davids day,I know your not in Wales but were you from Wales originally? Take care,love juliex


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