Saturday, 4 June 2011

#4: Clouds & some random bits

It's been a BEAUTIFUL sunny day here today - and windy. Perfect 'line drying' weather. (Did I really just write that? I am getting SO old!) There couldn't have been a better day to take this photograph for the Photo Challenge:

Unfortunately the pollen count has also been high, and I'm suffering. No pleasing some people, huh? 

The last few days My Boy has been AMAZING. Seriously, Amazing - he has been so incredibly loving, kind, polite, VERY funny, cute and just ... well, wonderful. 

I do know that he's a great kid, but during term time he's often tired and grumpy when he's at home, so it's such a lovely surprise to have the old version back. It's making me feel quite excited about the summer holidays which start in 6 weeks - I can't wait to spend more time with him. Little Miss is also crazy about him - she's hugging and kissing him and rubbing his hair whenever she gets the chance. 

Like his "tattoo"? 

I have a confession. I  think I may be addicted to Modern Family. I don't watch very many TV shows  (I listen to a few while I knit/crochet) but this one completely has me hooked. A fabulous cast - so well acted, brilliant script, incredibly well-observed humour, and unlike the terrible British 'family' Sitcoms *groan* there is no annoying canned laughter. 

All of the characters are great but I have to say I'm a little fascinated by Phil Dunfee, rather like Peppa Pig's dad, he's a buffoon with a huge heart who really deeply loves his family - but however much I try to sympathise with his character, I find it impossible not to laugh AT him and think he's a bit of an idiot. Maybe this says as much about me as it does the character? (D is equally fascinated by Gloria, but I don't think it's her parenting HE's looking at!!!!!) 

Here's the US promo -  UK viewers can catch it on Sky 1 and Sky Player. 

Righto, I'm off to finish another round on my THIRD Granny Square cushion front while I watch episode 22 and then I must go to bed. 

A crafty update to follow tomorrow, I promise!

Nos da xxx


  1. Good morning

    I was just thinking about your little boy being grumpy during term time. I guess school is very demanding (especially for boys). He has to be polite, behave well, hold his temper all the time, so it must be a real reliefe to be at home knowing that he can just be and relax, and you love him without any conditions.

  2. We are huge Modern Family fans in this house. I think every single character is hilarious!

    As for children and school, it's exactly the same here - I feel I just get 'my' children back and school starts again. I can understand why some folks go down the HE route but it's just not for me.

  3. You are both so right - it must be hard for him - he's still only 4 (one of the youngest in the school) and he loves it and is doing really well there - his reading is coming on brilliantly and he's learning so much - it must be exhausting. And Carole, yes I can completely see why HE would be tempting for some, but for us the benefits of being at school far outweigh the negatives, so it's not for us either.


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