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WIP Wednesday (4/5/11): Withdrawal symptoms & 3 firsts

Good morning, and a special HELLO to anyone who is stopping by for the first time from Tami's Amis - there were so many great 'WIP Wednesdays' posts last week and I'm looking forward to catching up on the other links later today. Here is what I have been up to...

I spent most of the Easter holidays either not knitting, or knitting stocking stitch *yawn*. By yesterday, the first "normal" day post - holidays,  I was starting to miss making more interesting things.

Luckily the postie delivered this...

Easy Knits Twinkle in Crushed Charcoal

I was already working on something else but for the first time I made the conscious decision to start a new project before I'd finished my existing work in progress and last night I made a start on Lesley Jones' Cariad Shawlette. (Until now, I have only had more than one thing on the needles while waiting for extra yarn to arrive to finish something off, never by choice). And you know what? It feels great! I do a lot of up-and-down knitting when the little ones are around, so it completely makes sense for me to have more than one thing on the go. In the evenings I can follow a pattern without interruption but if I get a chance to knit around the kids during the day, I can do something else without really thinking about it. (Now to ensure this isn't the slippery slope to starting loads of things that don't get finished!)

My second 'first' was learning a different cast on. Until now I've always used a knit cast on - this has been the only method I've ever needed, but the pattern called for a Long Tail Cast On, and I was reliably informed this is a great stretchy and neat method. I checked out a few different video tutorials and found this to be the simplest to follow: 

It was really easy and am so happy with it -  it looks great! It's SO much prettier and less obtrusive than usual so I'll definitely be using this one again - I'm pretty sure this will now be my new default. A big thumbs up! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!?! 

Thirdly, I decided to try the JKnit iPhone Knitting App for the shawlette. I downloaded it a while ago and didn't have the time to learn how to programme it, but as this pattern is so simple with only 4 rows repeated 10 times for the initial mesh section and another simple ribbed section to finish, I thought it would be a good one to try it out on. The JKnit Users Group on Ravelry has information on upcoming improvements which should make this the most useful knitting app available.  

(I like to use an App to count my rows and have already tried the BBD Solutions Knitting App but there are no in-built instructions or help functions and I find it a little too complicated to figure out the patterns in order to programme them in and usually just use it as a basic counter). 

Last week I also had a 'first' when I added my fluted doll cardigan pattern to Ravelry, and following on from that, my other WIP this week is an upscaled toddler version. I am just about ready to separate the sleeves and not yet sure quite what size this is going to come out *laugh*. I think it may be a tad small for (No-So-)Little Miss, I have a feeling this is more 18-24 months than the 2-3 years I was hoping, so I may now be facing the decision to frog it and start again or complete it as a different sized sample and gift/sell it on... ?! Anyway, here is a little sneak peak... 

I have so many crafty things going on in my head at the moment, and many different ideas - not just for knitting, but all sorts of things - I feel like the floodgates have been opened. It's a really great feeling! 


  1. I love having more than one project on the go to! As I tend to get bored with a WIP halfway through, I simply put that down and pick up my other one!

    I *love* that yarn, it's shiny!

  2. I have a couple of things on the go at once, otherwise I get fed up. More than 2 or 3 makes me stressed though!

    I always did a similar cast on to the knitted cast on, until my mum taught me the long tail - so much quicker!

  3. You're one of the few knitters/crocheters I've come across that really finishes one item before starting another. I thought it was normal to have countless things going at one time. lol Like you though I like easy things I can to work and do at lunch without thinking and larger more difficult things that require counting etc when I have peace and quiet.

    I've not done the long tail cast on, tried to but found it really ackward, so must pop back and check out your video when I have time. Perhaps this one will work better for me.


  4. YAY for all the firsts! I use the long tail cast on all the time. It is the one I was taught first.
    That iPhone app sounds really good. I'll have to check it out.

  5. I love that rainbow yarn your using for the cardigan! look forward to seeing finished pics.
    I tend to stick to one project only but that because it takes me so long to complete something that it doesn't seem a good idea to be directing my time elsewhere.
    Longtailed cast on is the only one I really use, it seems a good all rounder so I haven't bothered learning anything else (except for casting on stitches at the end of a row)
    Kathryn x

  6. That EasyKnits yarn looks gorgeous. I've oggled the yarn before. Is it as nice as it looks? Thanks for the tip about JKnit, that looks an interesting app.

  7. oooo I wanted to try some twinkle from easy knits. Would you let me know how it washes?

  8. What gorgeous yarn! And I think you've picked a great pattern to show it off.

    I often have a simple and a complex pattern on the go at the same time, so I can work on the simple one when I'm tired and the complex one when I can concentrate.

  9. For all those interested, I'll post more info on the Twinkle when it's been washed, blocked and worn :)

  10. I was a VERY monogamous knitter for ages. Now, I have one or two on the needles at once, which I like. So far, I've not been buried under a pile of unfinished projects after letting the dam burst, but I'll keep you posted. :)

  11. The twinkle yarn is gorgeous and a fantastic pattern to show it off. Loving the knitting apps too - yet another reason to add to my list for getting an iphone!

  12. for the jknit app- do you think it would translate well into crochet? The one I have is not terribly helpful I am afraid.

    I love the start of the shawl. It will be beautiful!

  13. @J.R. - I can't think of any reason why the app wouldn't work just as well for crochet :)

  14. I"m all agog at the prettiness of that Twinkle yarn! I think it will be stunning as that shawlette. Love the colours of the sweater, too, they're so sherbert-y and springy.

  15. Popping over for WIP Wednesday! Love that yarn, the one I am currently using has silver sparkly bits in it and its so much fun. That's a lovely shawl pattern, can't wait to see as you progress!!

  16. Watch out on starting several projects. It seems to grow and grow until you have many projects! LOL I LOVE that yarn you bought. It's beautiful. I wouldn't be able to resist either. I learned the long tail cast on not too long ago myself and it is now the one I use all the time. Congrats on all the work! I love the yarn you're using for the little sweater too.

  17. I really like to have 2 thing on the needles at a time. Especially if one requires a lot of stockinette (I bore easily) but too much more that that and I feel like I'm not getting anything done.
    I love the pattern for your twinkle. Looking forward to seeing your shawl appear.

  18. I always have a few projects on the go at once - I'm working on a few blankets at the minute which are nice up and down pieces to have on the go. I'm working VERY HARD on not just hoarding yarn 'just in case' though - trying to just buy for specific projects. It's not easy.

    Also I know JUST the 18-24 month old for that piece....

  19. @ Emma, is it cardi weather there???

  20. It sure is - some nights it gets below 20 degrees. Positively baltic.

    Oh and I think we need to have a stitch and bitch sometime in July...

  21. @Emma - Are you here then???? Or are you talking VIRTUAL S&B???

  22. Not virtual! We're visiting :-)


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