Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WIP Wednesday (18/5/11): May have bitten off more than I can chew

From one 'work in progress' to three in a matter of a few weeks - it most certainly is a slope of the slippery variety! 

WIP 1: Crochet Apple Jacket (or maybe it'll fit a walnut??)

If you've followed my blog at all until now, you will most likely have realised that I REALLY want to crochet... but have a slight mental block about it. I do know it's not actually that difficult, but the issue has really been one of translating what's written in a pattern into the correct actions with the hook and yarn, further complicated by the mix of US and UK crochet terms used in the patterns. However with D at home to look after the littlies last night, I finally took up Christine's invitation to 'Knitting Club'.  A very kind invitation - and one that mostly involved Lee spending an hour teaching me to crochet!!! 

Following the instructions in Mollie Makes, she very patiently worked the initial rounds alongside me and I came home with this *grin*.... 

... so the challenge now is to finish it without further assistance. I'm hoping aiming to get it done ready for a reveal on Friday (fingers crossed)... although it may be necessary to source some smaller apples :-) 

WIP 2: Mystery Summer Shawlette (KAL)
The first set of knit-along instructions had been posted on Wendy Knits when I got home last night and with only the cast on and two knit rows completed, I find myself quietly wondering if I've bitten off more than I can chew with this *gulp* but am determined to give it a go anyway.  (For anyone else who cast on the 239 stitches for this last week, there was an error so please refer back to the Wendy Knits site for the amendments.)

That was the bit I COULD do!
My plan has been to use the JKnit App (now with the live Web Portal for easier programming) to follow the pattern, but after seeing the written pattern and the chart I'm thinking maybe this is a good opportunity to learn to read charts :) 

WIP 3: Boneyard Shawl
This is getting big. If blocked I think it could potentially be huge, but I'm hoping to knit enough to not need to block it if I don't want to. I'm onto the second ball of Noro, so I must have knit over 400m so far. I don't know quite when I'll stop - when it's finished, I suppose. I LOVE this yarn in this pattern - the texture is just fab -  it's rough and stiff but soft not scratchy when it's made up (how?!) and the knobbly-gnarly-ness is very satisfying and prevents the long rows of stocking stitch from getting boring. I like the way that the ridges affect the way the light catches on it too.

As well as all this, I have plans for the big bunch of pea-sticks I brought home from Winkworth a few weeks ago - that will involve sewing - and still intend to make a few items of clothing that I didn't get to complete during the Kids Clothes Week Challenge last week.

I'll say cheerio for now, but if you'd like to see more WIPs, please head over to Tami's Amis and click on the links. 

Have a great day!


  1. Love the colourway of the Boneyard Shawl.the mystery project sounds interesting.

  2. Wow to amaze me with your yarn choices just beautiful....

  3. I really like the boneyard shawl pattern, and the yarn you're using works perfectly :)

  4. You'll get there with the crochet. It will just click and then you'll be off, there will be no stopping you.
    I love the yarn that you are using for the shawl.

  5. I love your Noro shawl - Noro is my favourite!

  6. Fab news about the crochet. I don't do very much of it these days, but it is a very useful skill to have. Plus it is very quick and easy to whip up a a bag in crochet whereas knitting it seems to take forever.

    With the shawl, even if you don't want to stretch it out with blocking, you can still block it lightly to make it even and neat. You just don't pull it tightly, and it will make a massive difference to the appearance and feel of it.

  7. Yay for the crochet! You will be hooking up a storm in no time!

  8. I think there are going to be some very well dressed apples after that magazine pattern! Shawl is looking beautiful.

  9. Love the colors of the shawl, what does one do with an apple jacket?

  10. The boneyard shawl colors you've chosen are too grown-up for me LOL. I just had to learn to read charts owing to an abysmally written pattern; I hope it sticks !

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

    @ Sandy - In my case, one learns to crochet with an apple jacket :D I think the "practical" use is to help cushion the fruit in your handbag or lunch box so it doesn't get too bruised before eating

  12. I think that apple jacket is so cute :)
    the book i am using to learn is called crochet unravelled by claire Bojczuk,and its fab!! really clear! and concise! if i can do it, you defo can!!I highly recommend it.
    once you learn the basic stiches (which are basic lol) your be flying!! :) xx

  13. I am loving that apple jacket from Mollie Makes. So cute. I am thinking this pattern could also be used to dress up plain Christmas ball ornaments. The Noro colourway that you are using is fantastic.

  14. You're doing great with the crochet, keep at it! You'll be comfortable before you know it.

  15. Everything looks great! Your crochet looks perfect. I'm sure you'll be able to finish it by yourself. I love the yarn you're using in the shawl. VERY pretty

  16. Your crochet looks great. The shawl is very pretty.

    I'll have to wander over to Wendy's blog and check out the KAL. I'm really behind in bloggy world. It's really not hard to read charts.

  17. I have the opposite problem. I know how to crochet, but knitting! Oh knitting befuddles my brain. I so wish I could knit something more than a flat scarf.

    You will learn to crochet in no time at all. A talented girl like you? No problem.


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