Ta-dah! Dem bones, dem bones, dem FINISHED bones!!!!!

It is with great joy that I announce the Boneyard Shawl is FINALLY completed!!!!!!! It really hasn't taken that long when I consider how little time I've spent actually working on it, but it feels like it's been in progress forever - since May 8th to be exact. 

It does need some light blocking to neaten the edges, but no time for that today as I am busy packing for a Half Term trip to Wales with the children tomorrow morning - so I'll just show you as it is - in its natural glory...

Loving those colours...
...and the slubby irregular texture

The reverse side reminds me of Savoy Cabbage - thankfully I love Savoy Cabbage!


I think it has the potential to grow quite a lot more but I like the rough, natural look of it at the moment and based on the same yarn which I used for my Spring Shawl, I know I'd lose that with too much blocking. (Plus there's always the worry that this yarn will just rip apart if stretched too hard - in some places it seems it hasn't been spun at all and is quite fragile.)

So here are the particulars:

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock - colourway S150
Cost: Yarn x 2 @ £5.50 per 100g = £11.00
There are some further notes on my Ravelry project page.

With this finished, it's time to get onto some more crochet - I am itching to start a granny blanket and the yarn and hooks are awaiting! Now, how to keep find the motivation to pack bags, tidy the house and get organised for our trip...?

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  1. It's lovely! It has such gorgeous texture.

  2. Wow sarah.... you must be so pleased, it certainly looks like your hard work paid off Have a wonderful weekend x

  3. It's so very pretty! Nice job. Have a great trip.

  4. its soo lovely! I love the colours.

  5. I love the texture and colours. You did a great job!!!!!

  6. Sarah, it turned out BEAUTIFUL! Was it hard to make? I love the colors in the colorway you chose.

  7. Gorgeous! The colours and texture are just amazing, and I also love its resemblance to the savoy cabbage. (...I may or may not sometimes just stare at cabbages in the vegetable aisle of the store. Some of them are so pretty.) It looks like fun to wear, too, it's draped just beautifully in that first shot.

  8. What a gorgeous shawl. I don't like cabbage and I still love the texture <3

  9. Lovely colours and textures! It doesn't even look like it needs blocking at all

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

    @Tami - it was SO easy - it's just stocking stitch with increases on the RS and then every 12 rows (?!? I think 12 - forgotten already) you knit the WS. Really couldn't be easier but the pattern is free anyway so you can always give it a try. Thicker yarn would make it MUCH quicker too :)

    @Kathleen - I am also fascinated with cabbage - although not so much the pale green icky looking ones!


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