Friday, 20 May 2011

FO Friday: Success!!! (On a very small scale)

Just a few little Finished Objects this week but I can't tell you how chuffed I am because... THEY ARE ALL CROCHET!!!!!

Firstly this Crochet Apple Jacket made from the pattern in Mollie Makes first issue. 

Of course, once I started I wanted to make another.

Here's a "Manly" adjustable one too, for D's work bag - he usually complains I don't make anything for him (and has openly mocked the Apple Jacket) so let's see if he uses it *doubtful look* 

Two buttons to fit snugly over large or small fruit 

And my final one, is based on this pattern from Attic 24 - the blog that got me so excited about crochet in the first place. (I made a few little additions to fit the top of jar, detailed here.) I really wanted to make another quick crochet pattern yesterday so I scraped the jam remnants from a jar that was in the fridge and used the only suitable yarn I had (leftovers from other projects - can you spot which ones??). I'll be honest, it's a bit too 60s for my taste in these colours, but I'm sure I can find a home for it somewhere. 

I'll definitely be saving my jars to make more of these (I am already fancying the Nutella jar as a pencil holder). I know it's only a small simple start, but the fact that I've actually made some things from crochet patterns gives me confidence that I WILL be able to make some of the lovely items I have been lusting over on the crochet blogs for so long!!! Next step, the Summer Garden Granny Square

My other knitting projects are still on-going and I'm hoping to have finished my shawl for next Friday *crosses fingers*.  In the meantime, you can see lots of other people's Finished Objects by clicking the links at Tami's Amis 

Hope you have a splendiferously wonderful weekend! 


  1. I love what you have done. How cute do the apples look with their groovy covers! The jar looks very special too. Jacinta

  2. Yay, go you and your crocheting! You should be chuffed, they look great :D

  3. well done! i really want to do a jar jacket for my MILs, but dont enough scraps :( and \d isnt the only one who has openly mocked the apple jacket!

  4. @ Christine - D is now awaiting a grape balaclava too!!!!!

  5. Great crocheting and lots of it too, I've never done any but just seen a cute beanie hat with crochet flowers on it so might have to try

  6. well done, both look fantastic!! love the jar jacket!! what a fab idea..i have LOADS under the sink lol

  7. Excellent! I love the apple jackets.

  8. Your crochet projects are very cute -- congratulations on taking on a new craft & getting off to a good start with it.

  9. I am in love with all of your FOs right now. I find apple jackets seriously adorable, and the colours and buttons you used are fabulous! I especially love the double-buttons on the blue one. And the covered jar is just lovely---I like things a bit 60s, so it tickles me. :)

    And hooray for beginning to be able to follow a crochet pattern and feel comfortable with it! It's an amazing feeling.

  10. Aww how good are you?! I love the little apple jacket but I have to say I'm blown away with the jar jacket. Not the colours I would choose either to be honest but it is so pretty I'm sure you can forgive it for not being to your taste! Looking good lady! xx

  11. @Natasha - back to the drawing board on your birthday gift then, eh sis??



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