What day is it? (And a lesson learned)

With almost every day a Bank Holiday at the moment, I don't quite know where I am this week. It's completely confusing!!! Whatever the day, yesterday was wonderful! I really enjoyed the Royal Wedding (Woyal Redding as My Boy called it) from the comfort of the sofa with only a few annoying interruptions from the little ones - typically just as the couple were saying their vows. 

Wonderful music, trees INSIDE Westminster Abbey, beautiful dresses, a very happy looking couple (I loved the way William was looking at Kate - like the cat who got the cream) and the pomp and ceremony befitting the wedding of our future King. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I LOVED it. 

Afterwards we headed outside to join our fabulous neighbours in a Street Party. Well more of a Cul-de-sac Party really, but it was perfect. We are one of five families in our little nook and it worked brilliantly - the entrance was closed so the children could play freely and we all enjoyed a proper "tea", complete with sandwiches, Pimm's, Champagne, jam & cream scones, music (mostly good, although Kylie & Jason somehow managed to SNEAK in!) and lots of flags and bunting. 

We haven't been here long and don't know the other families very well, so this was also a perfect opportunity to chat and for the children to all play together. Wonderful. 

This morning I got an unexpected and unwelcome lesson in wool felting when I came home from Body Balance to realise that the Mini-Me Rainbow Cardi I made for Little Miss had been in the regular machine wash. Too much laundry and too little attention  *sob* 

It's now a tiny felted short-sleeved jacket, perhaps another gift for my friend's newborn...?

I am so gutted to have done this *shakes head* - she wore this a lot and it looked lovely on her. The yarn (Lion Brand Amazing Aurora) isn't available in the UK and I'd paid to have it shipped from Malta, so I  will have to wait until I need to get something else that will justify the shipping costs - hardly worth it for one ball. 

In the meantime she will now need an alternative "wear with anything" cardigan so I'd best get onto it! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing.


  1. My kids were being noisy through the wedding. I got revenge today while Pokemon was on by standing in front of the tv to sort laundry and shouting loudly for biscuits every few seconds. They got the point! Very jealous of your street party, looks wonderful. Especially those cakes!

    And so sorry the cardigan got felted, it's maddening isn't it? They don't half shrink to a tiny size.

  2. Loved watching the wedding from across the pond - fortunately for me, there were no interruptions, but I had to get up at 4:45 a.m.! Absolutely loved every second!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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