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Our 'Spring Shelf'
What a beautiful weekend it is here... and still plenty of it left to enjoy yet.  We are heading to D's sister's this morning for an Egg Hunt and a roast as the pre-cursor to a couple of days glamping.  

I had snuck off to the Cwtch with my cuppa and BBC Breakfast streaming on my iPad to write my post while the others were all playing upstairs, but have been located after only one paragraph! And I have so much to share with you that will now have to wait. Nevermind, it will keep.

To all who celebrate it - Happy Easter! I suppose I could best be described as a Naturalistic Pantheist so Easter doesn't have any religious significance for me, but I have really enjoyed having My Boy home for a couple of weeks and this lovely long family weekend that is a result of the various bank holidays.

'Good Friday' was indeed pretty good. We all marked it with another trip to  Winkworth Arboretum. The ten days since our last visit have seen the ground turn into a carpet of bluebells. The trees are now fully 'leafed-up' and ready to take in the warm sun. I won't try to describe it, you can see for yourself.

My Boy with his favourite tree - can you see him?
Just after this photo was taken a load of other children started clambering over "his" tree and he got ridiculously upset about it. There are lots of lessons that can be learned from nature, and quite unexpectedly there was an especially tough one for him in this. 

One of the reasons that Winkworth has become really important to me is that I've used it to teach My Boy about the cycles of life as much as the changing seasons in nature. When I was pregnant we marked the passing months there in anticipation and awaited the blossom that would come just before our April baby. And while we were waiting, when the dead leaves were already turning into skeletons on the ground, his Grandpa died. (After the recent "Easter" assemblies at school I've also had to explain that dead people don't actually come back to life. Another hard lesson.)  We returned to Winkworth to talk about those leaves then, and how they would go back into the earth and feed the new growth.  

And you know the truly wonderful thing about seeing the natural cycles in that one place?  In the same spot we saw those skeleton leaves there ARE now pretty flowers and new little tree shoots.... and so it goes on... 

My children may not understand all the words but they can see and feel it. For me, this is a deeply instinctive, satisfying and coherent way of explaining life (and death). No beliefs required, it just IS. Whatever your personal beliefs, and whatever you are doing today, I hope you all have a very lovely Sunday xxx


  1. Lovely post, Sarah.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Awww Sarah that was lovely ... and brought a tear to my eyes thinking of lovely 'Pa xxx

  3. You are so right Sarah. I think sometimes, as adults we 'forget' the passing of the seasons and how important they are to our children.

    I love your Spring shelf and that rainbow is just the best isn't it?

    I hope you are all having a lovely day.

  4. Gorgeous photos. And it sounds as though the Winkworth is for you as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is for me and my 2.5-yo Critter. We go just about every week through the spring. Our trees are just budding now, though, and the bluebells won't come for another two or three weeks.


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