Profoundly in love with Pandora

Last weekend I started knitting a Mizzle shawlette using the gorgeous Nimu Yarns Torva I'd been stroking for a few weeks. WOW! I love this yarn - it's so soft and beautiful to work with and the colours are just lovely - subtle, pretty and much more green than I thought it would be before I started knitting it up when it looked more blue than green to me. 
Progress has been a bit slow - I managed to make a couple of small but annoying mistakes when the rows got to over 500 stitches and as I only have a couple of hours a day to knit (when the kids are in bed and I'm already T I R E D and mistake-prone) this was a little set-back. 

Then as I was getting towards the end of the shawlette, I decided the yarn was too nice and I'd have to make it bigger  only to knit another 20-something rows and the single ball of yarn was starting to look seriously a bit of  pattern-bodging later and it's now going to be a mid-length shawl!

I am REALLY trying to finish every project before getting started on another and will admit patience is not a strong point... so my mind has been wandering a little this week - another reason for the lack of knitting has been the obsessive Ravelry browsing to plan my next project(s).

With this in mind, I went to Guildford today to visit my favourite crafty supply shop - Pandora. Just walking in this lovely shop makes me feel completely inspired - the place is a riot of colour and there are just far too many things begging me to spend all of my money and more! They stock some stunning fabrics, patterns, buttons, various crafting supplies and  of course some great yarns - but I'll save that for another post!

After an initial browse and then pausing for a 'time out' coffee, I was (unusually) sensible and came away with "only" a couple of bags of yarn specifically for some summer cardigans for DD, and a couple of shawl patterns I've been fancying. (The online store from Pandora can be found here by the way!)

Oh and I also picked up an interlocking playmat for the children.... which can double up for blocking my shawl once it's finished! They were delighted with it. 

All in all a great day. Now to get on with that shawl before bed!

Night night x

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