Yesterday I spent a wonderfully woolly day at Unravel 2011  where I got to fully indulge my (newly found) knitting passion for several child-free-yarn-stroking-button-browsing hours. Fantastic!

I came away having spent far less than I expected, simply because there was TOO MUCH CHOICE! Chatting to other knitters and crocheters, there were many people who felt the same - it was just too difficult to decide what to buy and what to make using the many beautiful things on sale. I came home with one bag of yarn, buttons and other notions, but the most valuable thing I got was a list of exhibitor websites to browse at home.

Here are a few of the exhibitors I particularly liked:
  • Textile Garden - a delicious range of buttons, clasps, pins and other things you won’t know you NEED until you see them!
  • Felt Studio UK - SO many beautiful hand-dyed hand-spun yarns, I went back to the stall three times and still only came away with one skein because I simply couldn’t choose which others and wanted them all - not terribly useful. Must find a project for something!
  • Nimu Yarns - I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” Clare online and have purchased from her online store already so it was great to finally meet up and stroke all the other yarns I’ve been lusting over. I bought a delicious skein from her for a little project… more on that in a later post.
  • Susan Crawford Vintage - stunning interpretations of vintage patterns.
  • The Natural Dye Studio - after visiting this stand and seeing Amanda’s beautiful crochet, I am more determined than ever that I must learn that craft!!!!
There was so much to see - I can't begin to imagine how many stitches and miles of yarn were on display, everything was knitted from the flowers and pillars in the foyer to the food in the cafe - there was even a knitted motorbike on display! 

Feeling inspired by so many lovely things, and great people, I don’t know why I’m sitting in front of my laptop - off to knit now.