When you just can't stop...

At the side of my desk is a whiteboard and on it there is a long list of projects (a) that are started but not finished, (b) that I should really have started, or (c) that I'd love to get around to starting in the near future. While I s l o w l y  work my way through the list (which is constantly changing as priorities and deadlines shift, kids get ill, I get inspired by something else...) I am jotting down even more ideas for new projects. It's not 'SABLE - stash acquisition beyond life-expectancy' here but 'PIBLE - project ideas beyond life-expectancy'!

After ticking a couple of commissions off the whiteboard (knitting commissions - I am still knitting, I just can't show you anything yet) I decided to make a quick swatch for one of the new ideas. Grabbing a ball each of Scheepjes Colour Crafter (CC) and CC Velvet* and my favourite crochet hook, I wanted to try a simple two-colour stitch pattern. Although the yarns are the same premium acrylic base, the 'Velvet' has a worn, slightly shabby look which I really like and I wondered whether it would all work together.

My mother loves using CC for clothing, and she knits for my kids so I know how soft and snuggly it is (especially after washing) but I honestly hadn't expected to like it so much that I'd lose all track of time. If you follow my Instagram feed, you will have seen that is exactly what happened - several hours later, as the light started to fade on a wet and cloudy day, the 'swatch' had turned into an almost completed project. My friend Nerissa commented that it looked like sound waves, especially as it was photographed with my headphones (I'd been listening to 'I Am Pilgrim' - great book!). She was right. 

So later today - when the most urgent chores are done - I'll be finishing and photographing my new project called 'Soundwaves'. I can tell you that I already love it and am looking at other colours to make another (a load of new CC Velvet colours were launched earlier this week). If you want to see it, take a look on Instagram later, but I'll also post a blog update here early next week. In the meantime, I wish you all a weekend filled with projects you simply can't stop working on. 

*My yarn was kindly supplied by Scheepjes (for another one of those projects I haven't started yet - whoops!), and is available to purchase at Wool Warehouse (affiliate) and other good Scheepjes stockists. 


  1. Hey cool pattern, love the black & white groove you have going on there.

    1. Thanks Esther - you know me, if it's black/white/grey it goes with 95% of my wardrobe! :D

  2. I like Soundwaves. I may have to try Velvet

    1. Thanks. You know, I wore it to meet a friend yesterday, and she was amazed at how it felt (really soft) and went online immediately to order some from Wool Warehouse to make the cowl, and her jaw literally dropped at how inexpensive it is, as it's so nice! Definitely a great one for gifting to non-crafters too - 'easy-care' items that don't require handwashing and blocking are always a winner!

  3. I love this! I had a week off a couple of weeks ago, and towards the end, I decided I would teach myself crochet. I cannot tell you how many hours have been "lost" to learning. I definitely suffer from PIBLE too!


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