The Need for Knitting (-along)

It's been a busy few weeks and I'm hoping to squeeze a bit of knitting into my schedule. With two (decidedly un-sporty) children in different parts of the same school, I have to attend two sports days this week (which none of us will particularly enjoy), not to mention various other end-of-term activities and 'transition' meetings - again, all in duplicate. This follows on from the loss of three weekends to dance rehearsals and end-of-term shows. I love my children and like to support their interests and school-life but frankly find all of these things, coming so close together with little respite, to be quite overwhelming. 

So when I say that I'm 'hoping to squeeze a bit of knitting in', what I really mean is that if I don't do some knitting soon, I might go crazy!!! (I am sufficiently self-aware to know that a certain amount of peace and quiet are essential for my personal well-being, and at the moment I'm in deficit... with less than three weeks until the summer holidays.) Luckily I have a plan...

Not exactly 'scraps' - Semi-solid hand dyed mini-skeins from The Knitting Goddess
Without knowing it, Woolly Wormhead has come to my rescue with the launch of her new 'Scrap along' ( #wwscrapalong ). It's basically a knitalong to make a slightly topsy-turvy striped hat using, you guessed it, scrap yarn. There are two versions of the hat - the one I'm making is pictured below, and has a classic shape and there is another variant with a squared off top - you can see it on Woolly's blog, where you'll also find the installments of the pattern, loads of information on yarn selection, making different stripes and anything else you might possibly need to know.  

Photo Credit: Woolly Wormhead
Although I do have quite a lot of scrap yarn, I've been saving some lovely blue mini-skeins for the right project and it's finally appeared. I'm considering adding in a few other colours for interest, but I'll see how it pans out. While I'm out and about, I'll be posting my updates on Instagram, if you're interested in taking a look. If you have lots of scraps (or mini-skeins) and are looking for a fun little knitalong yourself, please join in. Head on over to Woolly's blog for all the information, tag your projects on social media with #wwscrapalong and there is also a Ravelry group

Before I sign off, I have to say how surprised (and delighted) I've been with the reaction to my Soundwaves Cowl (finished project peek here). To all who have asked or wondered, yes, I am currently working on the pattern which will be going out to testers later this week. Stay tuned for a more detailed post on that, coming soon. 


  1. I love all your blue little balls and skeins ! (I recognize the feeling of going crazy without some crochet :) ) Enjoy your new project !!!

  2. What a nice idea the "scrap along". I actually did some "scrap" projects with my scrap fabrics. I will try to do some knitting scrap along too.
    Enjoy. xxxxx

  3. I love those blues, looking forward to seeing the hat!

  4. I love those blues, looking forward to seeing the hat!


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