Tutorial: How to knit 'Jogless' stripes in the round

Inspired by one of my stitch markers, I had the urge to cast on something stripy using Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn leftover from a design project. As it is being knit in the round, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my favourite method of changing the yarn for stripes on circular projects. This technique gives a neat finish and is very easy to do.

A stitch marker and three simple steps are all it takes.  
Step 1: Knit the first round of the new colour, then when you get back to the first stitch use the right needle to lift the stitch from the previous round onto the left needle. In the illustration, you'll see this was a green stitch. 

Step 2: Knit the two stitches (on the left needle) together, so that you have one stitch in the new colour.

Step 3: You now have an elongated stitch. To prevent an obvious line of elongated stitches, simply replace the marker after the stitch you just worked. At the same time carry the yarn up the back of the join. 

Repeat these three steps on every round. After a few rounds you will see there is no obvious join - the start of the row has shifted to the left by one stitch on each round and by the time it has been washed and worn it may only be visible to the expert eye (i.e. another knitter). In the final image, the marker was originally at the point shown by the arrow and if you know where to look you'll see the joins, but you probably wouldn't notice it otherwise. 

As this project will be a gift, I won't be able to show you the rest for a little while, but I can tell you that it feels scrumptiously cuddly and I am putting lots of love in every stitch. 


  1. I have to get me some of this yarn - I love the colour effect it gives. Useful tutorial, thanks - I'm always put off by jogs when I work in the round, maybe now I can pick up some needles instead of a hook again! xx

    1. Yes, the yarn is so great to work with. You should give this a try as it's very easy but works a treat!


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