Increase Decrease - 99 step-by-step methods (Book Review)

There are many different ways to increase and decrease in knitting, and as both a knitter and designer this is something I've spent rather a lot of time pondering (remember S3YP3?).

For this reason I was delighted to recieve a review copy of 'Increase Decrease' the new book by Judith Durant (editor of the One-skein Wonders series) in return for my honest review. The fact that it arrived on Saturday and I'm writing about it today should tell you a lot about my genuine enthusiasm for this book which will undoubtedly become a key resource for future projects.

The book is split into three sections - Increase, Decrease and Combination/Special circumstances which includes things like designing the top of a hat, or shaping for colourwork sleeves. While it is essentially a technical manual on shaping, it is written in such a way that it is accessible to all levels.

New knitters unsure how to work a "kfb" will find the answer. Designers needing help to add shaping to a lace design will find illustrations to help. There are step-by-step photos and written instructions for the different methods of increases and decreases, as well as swatches showing both the RS and WS which is incredibly useful (and not all that common). For anyone who doesn't knit Continental-style, note that you should work the stitches exactly the same way as pictured, the working yarn will just come from the right and not the left.
On a practical level, the book is a great size (smaller than A5) and has a lay-flat spiral binding so it's both portable and easy to work from. The font is easy on the eye and the pictures very clear. I would highly recommend 'Increase Decrease' to anyone who wants to know more about shaping and the different effects that can be achieved. The book is available now from and in both paperback and ebook.  It is the perfect companion to Cast-On Bind-Off from the same publisher, which is another of my favourites. 

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