Handmade Wardrobe Project 5 - Sailor Top v2

I wasn't joking when I said I wanted a whole row of sailor tops in different fabrics and lengths, so this week I made another, with a few variations on the original pattern

This incarnation was made from two different fabrics. There was a 1m remnant of floral fabric  in my drawer (intended for doll's clothes) which I loved, but don't suit pale fabrics right next to my skin. To address this, I paired it with dark brown scraps (my mum was throwing those away so this project didn't even cost anything). I love how it turned out. Please excuse the wonky-hanger shot, I had to take it off to get a picture! 
Based on my first attempt, which needed additional panels to comfortably accommodate my tummy, I added 2.5 cm to each of the side seams. I left the armhole the same size, as the yoke and sleeve are a perfect fit already.  It was also lengthened by adding 5cm to the front and back (there is a marker on the pattern pieces to do this).

One of the aims of the Handmade Wardrobe Project is to fill the gaps in my wardrobe. I already have an orange cardigan (not handmade) and a peach and brown crochet Transposition shawl-ette (read more about it here) which I can wear with it when the weather changes. All in all I absolutely love it. D has named it my 'Tiger Who Came to Tea' top because of the 'retro' vibes. 
- I ran out of brown thread part way through the project. It wasn't a total disaster, but it was a good lesson.
- The hem needs to be redone as I'd threaded the bobbin the wrong way when I changed to white thread (it needed my Mum to figure out why the machine stopped working properly as I just don't know enough about sewing yet), but as I couldn't wait to wear it, it'll do for the moment. 
- There is a gather at the centre-front yoke which is very flattering as it breaks up my 'boob shelf'. I'd like to take credit for this, but it was luck not judgement. Next time I'll do it on purpose. 
After seeing how well this worked in mixed fabrics, there are probably enough scraps in my 'stash' (ie a box of leftovers Mum gave me to practice sewing) to make at least a couple more. This style is just so comfy and flattering I'm going to do just that... although two new dress patterns just arrived and I'm not sure which to prioritise. If you want to follow my progress throughout the week, I'm using the Instagram hashtag #cftchandmadewardrobe.


  1. OMG, it's BEE-OOTIFUL!! You need to give me a private workshop ;-)

  2. Love it! And I totally assumed the gather was deliberate and thought it was a clever effect

    1. Hahaha. I shouldn't have said anything xxx

    2. There is a gather on the pattern, it just happened that they worked out great on this one.


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