Decisions... and distractions

Why is it that the most simple knitting can be the most problematic? Over the weekend I cast on the latest project in my Handmade Wardrobe series, using a very "easy" stitch pattern which I had already swatched and loved with my chosen yarn
Scheepjes Bloom (lightweight cotton yarn) is gorgeous to knit, gliding beautifully over my favourite knitting needles, but unfortunately I had numerous problems with this project so far. For every five or six rows I knit, I end up ripping out at least one. Far from the speedy knitting on the last two projects, I've only managed to work through one 50g ball!! After posting my dilemma on the CftC Facebook page and thinking about the replies, it's probably a combination of two things. To start with, I am feeling exhausted. Secondly, thinking of this as a simple stitch pattern (which it is) I am probably paying less attention than I would with something "difficult". 

Oh and there's also the matter of a certain Cornish distraction - yes, I finally got around to watching Poldark (which is available to download via Amazon Instant Video if, like me, you missed it).
Image Source: BBC
Well, all of this seems to be conspiring against me and far from having finished the back - which is the point I'd hoped to be at tonight - I haven't even picked it up today. A little 'time out' is needed*. I'm deciding whether to cast on another stitch pattern with another ball. If they compare favourably, and I make less mistakes that could be the way forward. What do you think?

Either way, with a school trip (I'm a parent helper), a hospital appointment, and a ninth birthday (and party) to fit in this week, it's incredibly unlikely that there'll be another finished garment before the weekend. However more fabric is on the way and  there are plans for some sewing next week - that should be much much quicker! 

*While I'm taking time out, there's a nagging thought in the back of my mind that the yarn may be trying to tell me something. Does your yarn talk to you too? 


  1. Love your handmade wardrobe experiment! The easiest stitch patterns can be tricky!

  2. Even if Ajour-pattern seem easy, they are not. You have to count every single stitch on the right and back side to make sure you haven't forgot a yo or decrease. Most definitely it doesn't go with watching a movie. Don't forget to have fun!

  3. I have occasionally come across what I call devil balls of wool. They seem to be jinxed. Everything I start with them goes wrong. I was once knitting a hat "in the round" and had to start it three times because I kept twisting the first row. Then when I finally reached the crown and changed to dpns I managed to drop the stitches off the needles a couple of times. I was really glad when that ball of wool was finished.

  4. Gah, I feel exhausted too. Maybe it's something in the air. I am also working on a project now, and had to unravel a row after doing 3-4 rows. PFF! It's enough to make you drink... or watch fine Cornish men...

  5. I cannot believe you have been churning out garments at the rate you have - I'd just put this down for a day or two then revisit it.
    I'm doing a toddler's cable jumper at the moment and I went all wrong watching Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (weird but compelling) and I didn't have the same Aiden Turner based excuse as you!
    My wool talks to me, it shouts from the cupboard "make something with me...."


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