Out of Hibernation

There was once a pair of socks. They were coming along nicely. I loved the yarn, and the pattern was one I'd used before* and was very happy with. Then one day something happened. A mistake was spotted - just a silly mistake, but in a previous row, which would have involved ripping back or some dropping-stitches surgery and as they were being knit two-at-a-time on one circular needle, it seemed like a bit of an effort. 

I didn't get around to fixing it and so the socks went into hibernation.... for quite a long time.  
Hi-ber-nate1. To be in a dormant or torpid state during a cold period, especially during the winter.
2. To be in an inactive or dormant state or period. 
I've been in hibernation mode myself lately. There's been a lot going on in our family - health concerns, hospital visits, and so on, all alongside the chaos of day-to-day family life. In the animal kingdom, hibernation is a time of inactivity, of deep sleep and energy conservation. I've needed to take it easy, conserve energy and sleep more, instead of sitting up into the night crafting or writing blog posts. You may have noticed it's been a bit quiet around here. 

Then one day last week, I found those hibernating socks. I was heading for a day at the hospital (while a family member had surgery) and popped them in my bag. At that point I couldn't even remember what it was that had stopped their progress, so I knit on. Of course, a few more rounds in, I found the mistake,  but really it was so insignificant that it seemed impossible I'd let it worry me so much. 

That's often the way, isn't it? Little things can seem so much more important and stop us getting things done. It's good to put those projects (and worries) into hibernation for a while. To take time out and to come back to the 'problem' with fresh eyes. Often it's not really a problem at all.

I'm happy to tell you that within a couple of hours, the socks were finished. They are not perfect, but I don't mind. They have inspired me to cast on some more. After the (unspoken) disaster that happened to Little Miss' socks after photographing them for the Demystifying Toe-Up Sock Tutorial series, I owe her a new pair. She's been patient, but it's been quite long enough. 

*The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lauder but modified to knit toe-up and two-at-a-time. The yarn is discontinued hand-dyed yarn from Nimu who are no longer trading. 


  1. Those are fabulously cheerful socks! I'm glad you de-hibernated them.

  2. A great shade of pink. Lovely for the summer.

    1. That's why I made them quite short -
      Ready to wear right now! X

  3. I hope all is well with your family member... sometimes we just need a little break from our problems before we realize they aren't so bad after all. Take care of yourself!

  4. Snazzy color. I hope these health concerns are not too serious and are because of what seniority brings.

  5. Loved this entire post :-) Gorgeous socks <3


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