On Saturday we celebrated Little Miss' sixth birthday with an awesome dance party hosted by her ballet / street dance teacher. I really wish I'd asked some of the parents if I could post photos here, as the funny costumes the kids wore for their 'performance' of Uptown Funk were so great!
Amidst all the preparations and excitement, I didn't get any dedicated craft time, however my crochet shawl for the Make-along is coming along very quickly (despite a few rows needing to be re-done when I started decreasing too fast). It's a very relaxing pattern although it took a while to get my head around a written crochet pattern, which is literally like a foreign language to me - I find charts much easier.

I'm loving that this is such an easily portable project so it's already half finished despite only really being picked up now and again. If you haven't joined in, and are worried about not having much time, I'd definitely recommend this one. I'm already planning more crochet when this is done.

It's a long time since my last "WIPs and Books" post and it struck me that I've read over 20 novels since then - yes, my Kindle Voyage certainly earns its keep. After finishing a couple of books at the weekend ('The Crane Wife' by Patrick Ness, which I absolutely loved, and a book club choice 'At the Going Down of the Sun' by Elizabeth Darrell, which was readable, but I didn't love it) I've just started reading 'The Martian' by Andrew Weir. D (my husband) loved it and doesn't often recommend books (he is currently enjoying 'The Wool Trilogy' which I shared to his kindle via my Family Library - did you know you can do that? Check the link - it's great.) So far I am totally hooked on that too.
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  1. A happy birthday to the young lady. Glad she had smashing fun. Your shawl here looks like a hooked Hitchhiker. Fun, zippy color that is par with your radiant smile.


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