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Today, a selection of things from my growing list of things to tell you about....

1. Wink's new book Boho Crochet is now on general release (I even spotted it in my tiny village library!). I was very lucky to have a hand-delivered (early) copy back in February and love it.  
The patterns are from a select group of designers including Wink, who is contributing editor, and are based on traditional folk designs but the designs are anything but old-fashioned. As you might expect from Wink, the projects, yarns and photography are all completely gorgeous. I'll publish a more detailed review in another post, but had to mention it before our Make-along begins as Wink's Dancing Hearts wrap is one of the patterns and is another great option for those wanting to make a crochet shawl - it's stunning. Wink wore another version of this to Unravel (different colourway) and was frequently stopped and asked about it.

EDIT: Wink has set it up so that if participants want to purchase this as an individual pattern from Ravelry, the CFTCMAKEALONG code will work!! Thanks, Wink! 
Pattern: Dancing Hearts Wrap / Photo Credit: A Creative Being

2. The Knitters Toolbox iphone app by Amy Herzog is now available on iTunes. It's priced at £3.99 in the UK, which makes it one of the more expensive apps, but I'm sure it will come in really useful when customising projects or designing from scratch. I've just downloaded it and I'll let you know what I think. This short video gives a quick overview in the meantime. 

3. Last week on our Ravelry group, I announced that Helen Stewart is offering Make-along participants a discount on three of her gorgeous knitted shawl patterns. Use the code CFTCMAKEALONG to get 20% off these beauties. 
Pattern: Pebble Beach Shawlette / Photo Credit: Helen Stewart

Pattern: Fireflies Rising / Photo Credit: Helen Stewart

Pattern: Radiance / Photo Credit: Helen Stewart

4. The Make-along starts on May 1st - that's this coming Friday, you still have time to join us - so I'll be back soon with a few banners you can download to use on your blog/social media accounts, and a preview of some of the prizes that will be up for grabs! If you can't wait to chat about it, come on over for the group discussion - we are showing our yarns and pattern choices. 

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  1. Wink's shawl is lovely...but *gah* motifs! I bought a pattern and yarn last year from WEBS, that I might use....


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