The Natter-Knitting Project

As a visual person, Instagram (aka 'IG') is my favourite social app - I love nothing more than scrolling through to see lovely images of yarn, crafts, doodles (on paper and skin), the natural world and Schnauzers. Yes, the things that make up my feed are an accurate reflection of my interests. Through these moments, captured and shared with like-minded people, friendships are formed. This weekend I will be attending a meet-up of some lovely IG crafters. I have met one or two of them in person (very briefly at events) and have been following many for what feels like a long time - seeing glimpses of their homes and families, and of course their crafty endeavours. I'm really looking forward to a day of crafting together, eating cake (hopefully there is some wheat-free cake!) and plenty of real life chatter. What could be nicer? 

Of course this presents me with a certain dilemma, and it's one that seems common among the other attendees too. Which projects are best to take!? Which are best for 'Natter-Knitting'? I'm reading - and loving - The Rosie Project which has inspired me to come up with a few questions to help with my selection - have I missed anything?

The Natter-Knitting Project, Selection Questions
On this basis, I should probably ditch my initial idea of taking hexipuffs - they are small and portable but I'd have to take quite a lot of stuffing and different mini-skeins to fill an entire day of knitting. Also, as there are increases and decreases, I would have to count. Despite looking promising, they are probably not the best project.

I dare not take my enormous arm knitting (the yarn arrived and I'm itching to start), or the cowl design I'm working on. So this really leaves me with just a few sensible options. I should probably cast on a pair of vanilla socks, a simple hat or a cowl - unless you have any better suggestions....? 


  1. I've just finished The Big Blue by Meg Gadsby which is a great swoopy shawl that is mostly in garter stitch until the final section where you throw in a couple of stocking stitch sections. It was perfect natter knitting. Also long fingerless mitts are a good option as you don't have to worry about toe shaping or heels.

    1. Oops forgot the pattern link:

  2. I love the hitchhiker scarf/shawl. Easy repeat to memorize and in beginning, short rows as it is knit side to side. :)


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