On finding inspiration

It's a seasonal thing, but I've been stuck in a rut. Looking back at the blog, almost everything I wrote about recently was planned before Christmas. My Journal has been neglected since the end of January with only a few pages written and not many pictures (those I've drawn look bleak and sad). Had I been paying more attention, what is unwritten is very telling - the truth is that I hadn't realised how uninspired I was feeling...  until I suddenly felt inspired again.

Firstly, flowers started popping up. Our slushy grey walks suddenly became punctuated with pockets of colour. Then I found myself wanting to write in my journal - just so I could use the letter 'g' (Little Miss had been reading to me from an Oliver Jeffers book and I love the lettering).  Of course Unravel festival was a major turning point - after that I even picked up a spindle for the first time in months! You can see from my picture that I've been doodling too. In fact, last night I was inspired to start a couple of Lisa Congdon courses on Creativebug. They are jam packed with inspiration (and there's a free trial) so I'm planning to write a proper review (of the classes and the platform) in the next few days.  This quick little WIP made me very happy, and what's more it's totally whetted my appetite for more drawing and for incorporating more colour into my designs.

It is amazing how creating something - and really it might be anything - can make one feel inspired and it starts a chain reaction for new ideas and new directions.  I guess you could say I've found my inspiration in various places recently. Where do you find yours? 


  1. Inspiration is everywhere, we just need to be of the right mindset to see it... When I'm uninspired I try to make time to just play freely (usually with fabrics since that's my thing) without any plan. It usually works pretty quickly and often results in some lovely unexpected makes as a bonus.

  2. Hope your inspiration stays! I love spring, so much to look forward to and to inspire! I also love Oliver Jeffers books, my son has lost and found and up and down every night just now! X

  3. Inspiration is a funny thing. I can't "think" inspirationally, it has to hit be from behind. My best places for new ideas are driving the car or having a shower :)

  4. Inspiration is everywhere. I just have to see, but this isn't always possible. I have been feeling blocked for a while. Must be February, winter, work and what not. Inspiration will come back! :-) I like your doodle I've seen it on instagram already.


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