New Project #1 (& Things Knitters Do)

Fuchsia has been calling. It's probably as a result of the gorgeous project bag purchased at Unravel. In the midst of my longing, I recalled two balls of Fuchsia yarn which had been sent to me in error, and which were taking up very valuable space in my Cwtch - this happens to be the smallest room in the house and I really don't have room for much of a 'stash'.

Of course, I did the first thing that any knitter would do, and cast on. What could be better than using up two unloved balls, and clear some space? Plus the project wouldn't cost anything...
New project #1
... but then I stared knitting. I began to wish there were a contrasting colour too. Naturally, I did the second thing that any knitter would do... and ordered more yarn. So yesterday, two more balls of yarn arrived (I couldn't decide whether to go for mint green or silver grey, and I still can't - what do you think?).

The yarn is Stylecraft Life DK, 75% acrylic / 25% wool. Since making my crochet Granny blanket from Stylecraft Special DK, and not really liking the feel of it or the way it washes, I will admit to having a mental block about Stylecraft yarns. This wouldn't ordinarily have been my first choice, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

The project is something I'm making up as I go along. Nice simple knitting, nothing too strenuous. Just the sort of project I love having in my (matching) project bag. I have a vague notion of how it will turn out, but this is not one that's been planned, sketched and swatched.

While deciding on the next colour (and stitch pattern) to incorporate, I've also cast on another project - that one is a bit more experimental. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.  



  1. Personally I like the silver grey. It blends with the fuchsia instead of competing with it, if you see what I mean.

  2. hehe I love the knitting logic of casting on a project to use up stash and then buying more yarn to go with it. I've been doing the same with a scrappy blanket lol.

    I personally prefer the green with the fuschia, reminds me of flowers

  3. love the stitch pattern, what is it?

  4. I'm always doing that, buying yarn to use up stash. I'd go for the grey, but then I always go for grey as a contrast colour, it's a simple choice.

  5. I like the mint and gray together. Vintage modern right there.

  6. Beautiful so far...I like the grey with it.


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