Inescapable circles

Two things have been stuck in my head. The first is an incredibly catchy pop song (if you click the link, please remember you were warned). The second...? Circles! 


After doodling lots of circles this week (working along with the classes I mentioned here), I just can't get them out of my head. This wouldn't be a problem except that I already have plans for a new knitting project which doesn't involve any circles at all.

To clear my head before casting on my planned stripy project, it seemed like a good idea to knit up a quick plain hat - just some cheap and cheerful Drops Delight (colourway 13) and plain knitting - the only circles are the needles. I stashed quite a few balls of this yarn a few years ago and am still using it up - it's not the nicest yarn to work with as you would imagine for £1.60/50g but the colours are pretty and it comes in handy for projects like this.

WIP Thursday...?!

Incidentally, it's pictured with my Kindle because I spent most of the day thinking it was Wednesday and this would be a "WIPs and books" post - the book is quite good so far, if you're wondering.

So after I'd decided on my 'palate cleansing' hat project, a parcel arrived. A gorgeous parcel filled with goodies from my friend Gilly, including a handmade Japanese Knot Bag - perfect for carrying a small project to knit on the go (which I did on the walk to school). Gilly tells me that she made the bag for me last year, so the fabric really is a total co-incidence...

WIP Thursday...?!

Now I'm obsessing about how I can change my planned project to include colourful circles *sigh*. 


  1. I bought my first adult colouring book and some pens. I can see now why people like it. It's so entrancing. I was listening to podcasts while I was colouring in yesterday and it really quieted my mind.

  2. Your bag is very similar to one I made for myself from a free pattern from All People Quilt called a Grab Bag. Mine is green with multi-coloured circles.


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