For the weekend...

Yesterday's circles or stripes dilemma is still playing on my mind. I've decided to swatch both and decide from there. This is the yarn I'll be using...

New project.....

It's a combination of Invicta Colour (75% Wool/ 25% nylon) for the bright shades and Stone Washed (78% cotton/ 22% acrylic) for the squishy softness. Both yarns are from Scheepjes (I checked with Wink who introduced me to these yarns, and when she says it, it sounds a lot like "shape - yez"). I'll let you know how I get on with the swatching...

On Saturday, we are planning to make the most of the glorious Spring-like weather and will head to the coast, but if you're not as fortunate and are looking for something to do, here are a few links to keep you busy for a while...

Image source: A Creative
As I've mentioned Wink already, I'll start by telling you that she is having a sale on her Mandala patterns. You can get them from her Ravelry store with 75% OFF using the code 'winklovesyou75' but you have to be quick as it's limited to the first 75 people! Her mandala patterns are really well written and very clear - even I can easily follow them!

Image source: A Playful Day - click the image to find out more. 
Have you seen A Playful Day's project called "An Inspired 2015"? Its a bit like a knitalong, but it's not just for knitting, and it is running for the entire year. Each month, Kate announces a 'theme' to help focus creative efforts and people join in via the Playful Day Ravelry Group and social media (tag #aninspired2015). The theme for March is Location and Journey and I think it's a great one - you can join in (or just read along, if you're shy) by following the links above.
There was a really useful post on Ravelry this week about searching within a 'source' - it's basically a way of using the ravelry database to search for patterns from a specific publisher. I have used this when I remembered seeing a pattern on a particular website but didn't recall the name of it, but it can also be used if you know the magazine/publisher but not the issue - very handy if you subscribe to a magazine but didn't add the individual issues to your Ravelry library. You can use this search to find something without flicking through hundreds of issues/pages. Find out how to use this very simple search on the Ravelry homepage this weekend.

Screenshot from (affiliate*)
*Affiliate links are included: Following the Vatmoss legislation which came into force in January, stepped in to help independent designers sell PDF patterns online. At that time the Love Knitting pattern platform was new and still not fully functional. I'm pleased to report that my 'most wanted' customer-facing feature is now live and it is now possible to search indie patterns by designer. So if you find something you love, you can click on the designer's name to see all the patterns they have for sale via Love Knitting. The site is very easy to use and, provided the designer has provided the relevant information, you can add the pattern and the correct yarn/ other materials to the basket from the pattern page, saving time and effort. (You can find my patterns here, and did you notice there's now a pair of mitts to accompany my Sky Full of Stars Shrug? Both these patterns are exclusively available via LoveKnitting.)

My final 'share' is nothing to do with yarn or crafting. You may have realised by now that my favourite designs are all simple shapes that can be worn in different ways, so when I was planning a new hairstyle last week, I sent the following video to my stylist. It's seriously simple - a short bob - and very versatile (you may have seen the result on Instagram already). Sadly I don't have the youth or face of the girl in the video, but I am loving my new short hair!

Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope it's a great one. 


  1. LOVE your blog, and totally took advantage of Wink's sale! Totally cheered me after a morning of oral surgery.
    And, oh, to look like that girl!!! I look more like her menopausal mommy!
    Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

    1. What a lovely comment to wake up to. Thanks you!

      In truth I too look more like her mother - I'm certainly old enough - but since getting chit, I have been told at least 4 times that I look younger. I think it's the fringe hiding the wrinkles! ;)

    2. Really should have put my glasses on so I could check the autocorrects, shouldn't I !!!!! :D

  2. I so liked this hair video. It was so cool at the different ways she styled her hair. I am always on the lookout for ideas while I'm growing out my hair.

    1. Oh this would totally suit you....although I haven't seen a hairstyle that didn't! Have a great weekend xx

  3. Thanks for the shout out sweetie! xx


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