BLTN: Simple Crochet Bind Off (in pictures)

One of the projects I finished in December, and which you may have spotted on my facebook page over the weekend, was knit on metal needles (my favourite Chiaogoos), and with a lovely shiny and therefore slippery yarn (King Cole Galaxy DK). To best utilise the stitch pattern, I wanted to move up from 4mm to 6mm needles to get a lovely loose bind off, but with a lot of stitches on the needles I knew it would make for slippery work.

On a whim, I picked up a 6mm crochet hook - not something I'd normally think to do, but there happened to be one next to me. It worked an absolute treat - quick, easy, and no dropped stitches. I liked it so much I took some photos... but I didn't get around to showing you. So today's 'better late than never' is a Simple Crochet Bind Off... in pictures

Crochet Bind off

Before starting (not photographed): Insert the crochet hook into the first stitch to be bound off, wrap the yarn around hook and draw it through, pulling the stitch off the needle, so you have your first stitch on the crochet hook
Step 1: Insert the crochet hook into the next stitch, wrap the yarn around the hook
Step 2: Pull the yarn through the stitch (which is still on the knitting needle), so that you now have two stitches on the crochet hook
Step 3: Slide the stitch off the knitting needle
Step 4: Pull the second stitch through the first, so that only one remains and you have bound the first stitch off
Repeat steps 1 to 4 until all stitches are bound off. On the last stitch, break off the yarn leaving a tail, pull through the stitch to close, and use the tail to sew onto the first stitch and weave in ends.

You'll see more of the project very soon as it's a brand new pattern due for release this week - I absolutely LOVE it and hope you will too! 

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