On Tuesday I mentioned that I was awaiting a delivery of a "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith. If you follow my Instagram account you will have already seen this this little book has taken over our lives for the last few days! Here are a few snippets including some WIPs....
Wreck This Journal
1. Little Miss doodles over a page  2. Pencil rubbings of my knitting notions,  3. My doodling over a page (WIP),  
4. Esio Trot on the 'etirw drawkcab' page,  5. A page torn out, washed in the machine and reattached,  6. A ribbon found on the street, used to 'swing' the journal, 7. Reckless scribbling (v hard!),  8. My crumpled bed,  9. A page full of circles (WIP)

When I first saw this book in the bookshop, I thought it wasn't for me - that it was too prescriptive - but after looking at the #wreckthisjournal tag on Instagram, and on Pinterest, decided to give it a go and I am LOVING it! In fact all the women in our family are - three generations of us are now "wrecking" our own journals (my mum and Little Miss have their own, and I've just ordered another for my sister). Surely it's only a matter of time before it catches on with the boys? In the meantime, this page is for sale by auction until January 7th...
Wreck This Journal (this page is for sale)
You can find it, complete with all details, listed on eBay. Huge thanks to those who have made a bid, you really made my day by helping me complete this fun project!

Affiliate links: "Wreck This Journal" is available for £4.25 from Amazon UK and for $8.52 on Amazon.com (it is Prime eligible so there's not much of a delay to your gratification). 

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  1. Oh Sarah! This is exactely what I need. :-) I'm too perfect. Hihihihiiii! And I have a friend who is even more perfect (because she is younger than me?). I just ordered this book twice. Can't wait to destroy! :-) Regula


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