There's a lot to do around here. The house is still not back to 'normal' after Christmas, I have to prepare a casserole for tonight's dinner,  there's a huge ironing pile with my name on, and of course there are plenty knitting projects I would prefer to be getting on with. Some brightly coloured hair dye has also just arrived, but more on that another time, because what I am *actually* doing is this... 
I have a little rash under my Fitbit - I don't know whether a cleaning product or something got on there and is irritating me, or quite what has happened - I have never had an allergic reaction to it in the last 7 months. Anyway, I think it should probably be off my wrist while it heals... but I can't bear to not have the tracker* on. So I'm "MacGyvering" something with my trusty sticks and string.

A stretched out icord reminds me of a chrysalis and allows the 'progress' lights to show, so I'm trying some small needles. If it all works out, I'll share it with you over the weekend. Wish me luck.
*By the way, the fitalong is still happening, although we weren't very active over the festive period. There is a 'daily challenge' option on the Fitbit app, so it's even easier to keep one another going. If you fancy joining in, see these posts and the Facebook group!


  1. I just got a fitbit for christmas! Going to read your other posts soon! Was your rash really itchy? I ended up getting an itchy rash under my wedding band after I was pregnant even though I've had it for 5 years! It was so weird. Just make sure to dry really well under the fitbit, I find that helps with my wedding band!

    1. Funny you should say that as I also had this when I was pregnant the first time around. I used that spray on plaster as a layer of protection.... in fact, I might try that on my wrist too!

  2. I got a horrid rash under my wedding ring. I discovered I had been washing up without gloves and the washing up liquid had caused it. No problem since wearing gloves!


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