Flashback: Free Armwarmer Pattern

While I'm not able to blog very much*, I'll take the opportunity to link back to some of the things newer readers might have missed. Today it's the turn of my free armwarmer pattern
This was one of my first patterns and can be downloaded as a PDF on Ravelry and Craftsy. They are quick to knit and make a lovely gift. There are options to make long or short versions, with or without a thumbhole. 

There are already quite a lot of projects on the Ravelry gallery - you can see some of my favourites herehere, here and here. If you've made a pair already, don't forget to add your photos - I'll be looking for some for a revamped version of the pattern in the coming months! 
*It's been one of those weeks. Nothing has gone to plan. I'm making daily trips to the hospital (yesterday it was a four hour round-trip) to get intravenous antibiotics for an infected hand caused by mosquito bites. Although the swelling is going down and I can use my hand now, the other arm is limited due to a 'permanent' line - a 20cm cannula - running from my elbow to my shoulder. It's too uncomfortable to do much (I can't knit for more than a few minutes) and the drugs are giving me a rotten headache. Hopefully it'll only go on until the weekend. I'm attempting to practice acceptance. Trying not to worry about the deadlines that are looming, for work that isn't finished. Trying not to worry about missing blog posts that I'd planned. It is what it is... it is what it is... 

Huge thanks to everyone who has sent kind words and wishes on Instagram and Facebook xxx


  1. Hi there, I hope your hand is healing. I, too react badly to mozzie bites. they always turn from red lumps to big bruises, which my doc says he's never seen before. Luckily I've only been bitten once this year and that was before my DH discovered a plug-in mosquito repellent from Boots. It works miracles. Our house is built on marshy ground, do summers are usually very painful for me, especially as I can't sleep with the windows closed (even in winter) Even if this gadget is too late to help you this year, then I would definitely recommend it for next summer. Blessings

    1. Thank you Lesley! Sorry to hear you have the same, but thankful for the recommendation - I'll be looking in Boots! (I did squash two of the blighters in my bedroom again last night, and took great delight in it too!)

  2. I'm sorry to hear this Sarah! You poor thing - I hope it gets better quickly now. We're due mozzies any day now - they're absolutely terrible here over the summer. Take care. X

    1. Thank you Libby. I've been splatting them with abandon since these bite, I suggest you do the same!!! Xxx

  3. I was wearing my armwarmers (I had made the long version) last week as it was rather cool. :-) All the best to you. Take care! Regula


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