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As anticipated, the 'summer holidays' have involved very little knitting. I'm currently working on a few new design ideas, some of which you'll see over the coming months when the children are back at school and the weather is more suited to snuggling up with some yarn and a nice cup of tea.


In fact, aside from knitting up a few swatches, the most creative things are all happening inside my Notebook (capital N). I've been playing with some watercolours and watercolour pencils - mostly just to illustrate my regular everyday doodles and add colour to the blank pages - but it seems inevitable that pencils and sketchbooks will make an appearance at some point. I loved to draw and paint when I was younger but just don't have the time to do everything!

The one thing I've made time for is Donna Tartt's The Secret History. If like me you've missed it until now, its reputation as a modern classic seems well deserved. I'm half way through and it's been a really good read so far. It begins with the murder of one of a close group of friends, and then goes back in time to reveal why it was committed - it's a 'why-dunnit' (you can find out more about it, including spoilers, here).  It's a book I've been aware of since it was first in the best seller charts but never bought, so I'm pleased it was selected as the summer read for our book club. Being in the 'club' has certainly broadened my reading - I haven't enjoyed everything we've read, but several of my favourite books from the last few years have been as a result of our monthly gatherings at the local pub. It's very informal and quite a small gathering so aside from the books, we've become good friends too.

We'll be heading off on our UK dog-friendly holiday this week and there are a few scheduled posts which *should* be published while we are away, but if the blog (and social media) are quiet over the next week or so you know why. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the month.

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