Blast from the past: AKA 'From toddler tunic to hippy t-shirt!'

In July 2011, only a few months after I started knitting, I improvised a tunic for my then-toddler. Here's the FO picture I posted, which frankly, has always made me feel nauseous. 
As I wrote at the time, I didn't really like it - the yarn was horrible to work with, and I didn't like the way the colours pooled at the bottom - like static on an old analogue TV. Regardless, my Ravelry notes from six months later show that the two year old Little Miss still loved it and was wearing it all the time. Imagine my surprise when she walked into my bedroom like this the other day: 
Three years after knitting a "toddler tunic", it became a hippy t-shirt for a tall 5 year old!!!
It still makes my eyes hurt, but after finding it in a bag of old clothes, she thinks it's wonderful and is wearing it again. She is only five but tall for her age and wears age 6-7 in shop-bought clothes - so it's not a tunic anymore - it's a t-shirt. If I'd known it would last so long I would have used a different yarn!

My reason for not knitting many children's clothes is that they grow too quickly for it to be worth the time and effort, but I'm thinking of making a bigger one of these.... in a nicer colour, of course. Do you have any garments that were made a long time ago and keep turning up? Or something you really didn't like but it loved by someone else?  


  1. I agree about children growing so quickly. I knitted a lovely jumper for my daughter before she was born. She literally wore it only once before she grew out of it. I wish I had knitted her a blanket. She kept a favourite blanket until she was 7 and then she gave it to her new kitten as a welcome present. My sister knitted a hat for my daughter who wore it for a couple of years. It was probably the best thing that was knitted for her.

  2. She is a cute little miss. I like that funny, stank face one.


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