WIPs & Books: Never-ending bind-off

This 'tubular thing', started an eternity ago, was meant to be a quick project; something for mindless relaxation knitting. As it turned out, I've been knitting it for ages and binding off for days as something happens every time I pick it up. Hopefully it'll be finished tonight. Hopefully.


Had I not told you about the delays, it could have been passed off as intentional timing - the beautiful purples, blues and greens are everywhere.


It's a shame I can't complete projects as quickly as books - I've finished another two books this week - The Silkworm and (for book club) My Dear I Wanted to Tell You and liked both. 

I'm sure you've already seen the publicity for The Silkworm, which is the second novel in the 'Cormoran Strike' series from Robert Galbraith, (Harry Potter author) JK Rowling's alter-ego. If you liked the first instalment, you're sure to like this. It's another murder mystery, this time set amongst London's publishing world. As well as the main storyline, the characters of the one-legged pube-haired Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott (who is now a permanent member of staff, and set to marry her miserable fiancĂ© Matthew). For the knitting trivia fans amongst you, LoveKnitting.com's head office is situated in Denmark Street, which is the fictional location of Strike and Robin's office, and there really is a guitar shop downstairs.

My Dear I Wanted to Tell You is set during the first World War and tells the interwoven story of two very different couples. While each man is struggling to maintain sanity on the front line, the women they have left behind try to make sense of it all, doing what they can to play their parts. The title of the book comes from the postcards which were sent home from the trenches (pictured, source: iwm.org).

The main characters in this fictional story - like the real men they are based on - are injured in very different ways. One comes back severely disfigured while the other comes back physically intact but in psychological tatters. It's a touching - and ultimately hopeful - story, all the more so because the events must have been so familiar a century ago.

It's probably not a book I'd have chosen if it wasn't for book club, and 'enjoy' would be the wrong word, but I read it very quickly and found it to be incredibly interesting with well-written characters. 


  1. Hoping you can get bound off in the next day or so, your "tubular thing" blends so well with the nature colours of now.

  2. It may be delayed but your knitting is beautiful. I love the colors and the yarn looks great. I hope your are able to finishing binding off soon.


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