Show & Tell: Etsy on TV for #PeopleMakeEtsy campaign

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Have you seen the new Etsy advert in the UK? I haven't spotted it on TV yet but thought I'd post it for today's show and tell...
The ad includes over 60 Etsy sellers from the UK as part of the new #PeopleMakeEtsy campaign. Great publicity for the many independent people who are selling through Etsy - and not just in the UK.

As you probably know, Etsy is one of my favourite marketplaces - it's the first place I look for 'special' purchases, gifts and artisan products, and I'm proud to be affiliated with them. I know numerous people who sell handcrafted wares and vintage finds via Etsy, and am constantly 'meeting' new people as I shop. In fact, I have a few posts lined up to introduce some of them to you over the summer.

If you haven't tried shopping on Etsy yet (really??), you can get £5 towards your first purchase by clicking this referral link. If you're not sure where to start you might like to take a look at my curated page which includes LOTS of lovely yarn, notions, and things for crafty folks. If you spotted something you like in the ad, the items are listed here.

If you are an Etsy seller, please feel to leave your shop name in the comments - I love browsing! 

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    I sell custom made rings and bracelets with hand stamped phrases.
    I also have earrings and stitch markers.

    I've only had a shop since February, so I'd love it if you'd take a look!

    I just finished your seaform shawlette and I don't think I've stopped wearing it since! Such a lovely pattern.


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