WIPs & Books: Sock Maths

Do you recall that I set myself the goal of designing a pair of socks before the end of June? Well... it's almost JUNE! The most scrumptious sock yarn arrived from Eaden Yarns today - a skein each of Blush and Grey from the 'capsule' collection. They are so beautiful I'm feeling highly motivated to get on with the socks!

WIPs & Books: Sock maths!

So while the children are having fun playing together (it rarely happens - I have to take advantage of it!) I'm working out some sock maths and making a chart. There is a cute little design in my mind - it's simple, summery, and has an afterthought heel which is new for me but something that completely makes sense. I'm using sock yarn scraps (and my new birthday Chiaogoos) to make some swatches and if it all goes to plan,  I hope to start knitting up 'the good stuff' before the end of the week. Very exciting.

I finished reading Maya Angelou's memoir 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings' over the weekend, and had started to write about it when D sent a text to say she has died today. I'm sure that if you're not already familiar with her story, you will read many synopses of the book and her early life in the news (including the link above) over the coming days. To say I enjoyed reading it would be misleading - I usually avoid memoirs which include child abuse, it's too upsetting - but it was interesting and the writing compelling - there is no doubt that I'll continue to read her story in the follow-up books at some point. For now I'm onto The Great Gatsby which has been selected for our local book club.

Tomorrow I have something a bit different to tell you about - if you could be with some motivation to put down the needles for a little time each day to get active, then it might be of interest. It's not a 'kal' but a 'fal' - all will be revealed tomorrow! Hope to see you then. 


  1. I like the new yarns!! They look amazing!!!

  2. For some reason your yarn makes me think of ice cream, it looks delicious. I keep thinking I should try my hand at some sock making (go through so many pairs) but the other night I was actually dreaming about scary sock knitting. Looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow.
    Ali xx

  3. Oh I'll be checking back tomorrow for your fal! I am trying to get more active right now so anything that helps is great!
    I hadn't hear Maya Angelou had passed away, although now I realize that's probably why someone in facebook land posted a quote from her this morning.
    Beautiful yarn for your socks!

  4. Great summer colors in your yarn! I was saddened to hear of Maya Angelou's passing this morning. Very inspiring woman!

  5. I hadn't heard of Maya Angelou's passing - I read the book years ago - very inspiring.
    Your yarn looks fabulous - I look forward to seeing your socks.


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