Snippets: Family Time

Blue skies

Our home at Manor Farm (Featherdown Farm)

To mark the end of my month-long 40th birthday celebrations, we headed into the Hampshire countryside for a long weekend of 'glamping' on a Featherdown farm. Well, I say relaxation* but let's be honest, it's never really a holiday when you have a young family, however it was lovely to spend some time away together without all the usual distractions (I didn't even do any knitting!).

Fresh eggs

Feeding the cows

Cheeky chickens

Bottle feeding an orphan lamb

Highlights of the weekend included a ride out with one of the farmers while the animals were fed and inspected one morning, hand-feeding two orphan lambs, and looking for fresh eggs. Yesterday it was just about sunny enough for a spot of bathing in the hot-tub and relaxing in the hammock.

Our own (wood-burning) hot tub and outdoor shower

Slowing down

The weekend was lovely but the weather was very cold which meant the 'tent' was absolutely freezing at night once the fire went out . We drank a lot of tea to keep warm and when we weren't drinking tea we were waiting for the water to boil on the wood-burner so that we could make more. It was worth it however - My Boy has declared it "the best weekend of his life". 

It's the school holidays and I may not be around very much this week while I'm spending time with the children but I'll be back soon with some sewing (!!) and a new knitting project.
*Archie came with us, and did not find it to be relaxing AT ALL. The chickens were taunting him, by staying just out of his reach as they clucked and pecked around our tent. The lovely walks did not even make up for the fact that he didn't get to chase the sheep or cows, and as he refuses to remain under a blanket for longer than two minutes, he spent three nights shivering. I have never seen him quite so happy as when we walked though our own front door this morning!


  1. Looks lovely but I think the cold would put me off a bit! I get cold camping in August lol. Poor Archie, he needs a hot water bottle!

  2. What a neat way to camp. Archie was disciplined by not trying to knock that pen down.

  3. What a fabulous looking camping holiday. Hope you had a fab birthday and totally agree all birthdays should be spread over a month. I always do that with mine and it makes for lots of fun celebrations.


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