Birthday WIPs & Books

It's my BIRTHDAY! With D in work and the kids at school I'd planned a quiet morning of knitting with my new ChiaoGoo needles (from the children) but I've had a couple of lovely surprise visits, and am heading off to meet a friend this afternoon.

Since my last post I have managed to make a few more flower brooches from the pattern I posted on Monday. They are addictive - there are more in progress. 
I've also finished reading Still Alice which is a well written and incredibly thought-provoking novel about a woman with early-onset Alzheimers. Now that I'm getting on, it's best I read up on these things, eh!? :)

I'll be back tomorrow to show you a handmade gift from my mum, a (sewing) book review and a giveaway. Hope to see you then!


  1. aw happy birthday, have a wonderful day

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you've had a lovely day and been suitably spoit. The flower brooches are really cute and addictive from the sounds of things.
    Ali xx

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Sounds like a perfectly lovely birthday morning to me. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah! What could be better than friends and family being around on your special day....oh, and a spot of knitting too....perfect!

  5. Happy birthday - it is my mums as well today. I hope you had lots of fibre goodies.

  6. Ooh, happy birthday! Hope your day was filled with awesomeness!

  7. Happy Birthday! 40? that's a very good one in my opinion (been there too). You are likely asleep now but I hope you have a fab day and were terribly spoilt. Chiagoo's sounds like a brilliant place to start ;) X

  8. Happy Birthday, hope you had a lovely day. Age ain't nothing but a number, 40 is the new 25, life begins... and all that (can't think of any more life affirming birthday clich├ęs)

  9. Oh hey! We're the same birth year; rock on sista. A belated hau'oli la hanau to you, Sarah.


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