Tension - Spring Knitalong week 3

Since starting to knit the loops of my Miss Winkle 'backwards' instead of turning them (as mentioned in the last update post), there is a definite change in the tension (gauge), although I'm hoping that it will magically disappear with blocking.
#cftcspringkal week 3 - 24 loops and a change in tension.
There has been much discussion on the Ravelry group about the best way to block the loops, and although the pattern suggests using dowelling, I'm going to try my 25mm circular needle cable which is flexible and should fit through the loops well enough. But not for a while yet as I am about to start my 25th loop and expect to get at least ten to twelve more before binding off.

If you like the look of this pattern, you can still join in as the Knitalong runs through to the end of the month and many people have finished one or two of these already - it won't take long if, unlike me, you actually have time to knit it! Details are here. Our prize draw takes place on the 10th April, you just have to be knitting along and participating in the group discussion to be automatically entered!

My apologies to all who have been waiting to link up your blog posts. Little Miss has a sickness bug (I'm writing this from her bed, where she is finally sleeping) and this prevented an update last night. I'm loving all your blogs and I can't be the only one, so please add your links below:


  1. Hope Little Miss feels better soon.

    I, too, have noticed a change in tension since I started knitting the loops backwards. It's not really obvious, and I'm sure blocking will even them out :)

  2. I hope your little girl is better. Great idea with using the 25mm cable needle. X

  3. Hope your little one gets well soon. It's never fun to hear and see our babes suffer.

  4. I'm really not sure what I am going to use, although I still have a few loops to go - it is likely to be a stake from the garden!! I hope your little one feels better soon, sleep usually makes a big difference.

  5. Your Miss Winkle is such pretty colours....ivecstuck with turning mine not knitting backwards, I'll leave that lesson for another project. I'm really enjoying the knit, but never have I done so little knitting....everything else is competing for my attention and winning too. Hope little miss is already feeling lots better, and that the rest of you escape it.

  6. Beautiful work! I am just starting out but hopefully I'll catch up soon as would love to be able to do this x

  7. I hope your little one got better over the weekend. Thank you for running the KAL


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