On knitting and stress... and costume planning

Research at Harvard Medical School Mind Body Institute has found that when an individual is knitting, their heart rate can drop up to 11 beats per minute, along with a drop in blood pressure.  
Source: Erika Knight, Keep Calm and Cast On 

There is a definite co-relation between my stress levels and lack of knitting. I'm not sure what the formula is or which way around it goes, but either there is no time for knitting at stressful times, or when I don't have time to knit things seem much more stressful. I first started knitting to help get though difficult times - I was on my own day after endless day with a toddler and a small baby, we'd recently suffered a bereavement and a relocation... knitting was calming and kept my hands and mind busy. It's been a tricky few days in these parts, and I need to do some knitting. Nothing taxing or complicated, just some nice calming knits and purls. 
Since last weekend and the thrill of Unravel, it seems so much has happened I've only managed a few rows at the school knit club - with acrylic yarn and plastic needles *squeak squeak*. (Incidentally the first session was not terribly successful as various kids turned up ill-equipped - more contingency planning is in place for next week).
Book day / costume making.
Left: picture of "Knit It, Stitch It!' by Jane Bull, Right: Wonka costume  WIP
Below: still of Gene Wilder in the 1971 musical version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Today we're busy with costumes for Thursday which is "mufti day" at school - MB wants to dress as Willy Wonka (for World Book Day) and LM wants to make something she saw in a craft book which is perfectly Spring-like and appeals more than dressing as a book character. I've left the Wonka costume to my Mum - it's well under way - and will be attempting a t-shirt makeover later - wish me luck!


  1. Sorry to hear you've had some bad news, thinking of you. The children love World Book Day, but for us mums it seems to come round more often than once a year. My daughter wants to be Piper from 'The Heroes of Olympus' series. I need to get stitching some wings in time for Thursday. Good luck with your costumes too x

    1. Oh my goodness, we got off lightly! Good luck with that and thanks for your kind words :D x

  2. I'm not a great knitter, but I always have some therapy knitting on the go. Good yarn, nice needles and just stocking stitch. I definately think it helps with anxiety.I'm sorry you have been feeling the need. x

  3. Hope things have settled down and you can get back to knitting. I really relate to what you say. If I'm going through a stressful period I don't seem to pick up any crafting. Which is probably one of the best things to distract you from any problems. Take care of you and yours.
    Ali xx

  4. I've found knitting/crochet a great comfort since losing my husband last September. Mind you, it took me a few weeks to pick up my needles and hook as I really lost interest in everything. I'm hoping that it will help me heal during this year of firsts without him.


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