Making an icord... with a Lucet

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook feeds, you will have already seen the new pattern I've been working on over the weekend, which includes an icord. I absolutely love them... which is why they appear in many of my projects. For those who are not so keen on knitting just a few stitches, I wanted to show you another way to get the same effect as a two-stitch knitted icord (or, as my mum calls it, "an iphone cord"!!!). It's so simple, even my four year old can do it! (Affiliate links to the supplies are marked with a '*')

You will need: 
- A lucet (also called a 'knitting fork') 
- Suitable yarn for the size of your lucet. Using a yarn which is too fine will result in an icord that is very loose and loopy. For this tutorial I'm using a Pony Lucet Fork from* and Rowan Big Wool* in shade 00068 Sun  which is a nice size for this lucet - it produces a flexible cord which is neither too tight nor too baggy.

It really is that simple! If you're wondering what you can use icords for, stay tuned, there will be a few icord projects coming up soon as well as my new pattern which will be ready later this week. UPDATE: Find it here*.


  1. Oooo, I love this, another thing to go on my "I'd like one of these please" list for birthday, Christmas, mothers day! I recently learnt to crochet an i-cord and got ridiculously excited about it, it is quite fiddly though. Maybe I need to get my old knitting dolly out, she was red plastic from the 70's, I wonder if I still have her somewhere?

    1. this exactly reminded me of red plastic 1970's knitting dolly too! Although I had one of those on my wish list because mine was an improvised one my mum made with a wooden cotton reel and 4 nails in the top!

    2. I had the cotton reels too!!!! My Nan made macrame hanging baskets and to keep me occupied with something I could do easily, she'd bang some nails into a cotton reel!!!! I have fond memories of the smell of dinner cooking, and sitting by the fire with my cotton reel knitting :D I might write about that one of these days too :D

  2. Thank you for sharing this Sarah. I have had a lucet for sometime, a gift from a friend, and now I can finally do something useful with it. :)

  3. Do you use anything in particular to pull the loops off the prongs? I have used double pointed needles to make an icord but this way looks fun!

    1. Just my fingers - this also means it's nice and easy for the kids :)


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