Show & Tell - Unravel part 2

I previously wrote (in this Evolution post) that as each year goes by, Unravel becomes more about the people and friendships than the shopping. Before any stall-holders gasp at that revelation, there is an important caveat - I'm much more likely to buy from, or recommend, an indie yarn producer I've seen or met at Unravel than one I haven't. After all, there is nothing quite like a fondle to plant the first seed of 'the wanties', and who could resist fondling beauties like these...
A very small sample of the yarns I fondled at Unravel 2014

So the shopping is an added bonus, and it's for this reason that only a few things made it onto my 'Unravel wish list' this year:
    - some pretty fibre,
    - 12mm needle tips to reknit the No-longer-for-Unravel shawl,
    - a replacement shawl-pin (there was a minor incident last week, rendering this necessary)
    - a 'Knitter' Prefect-style badge from True Brit Knits
At this point I should confess that I didn't have any idea Purlescence would be there, or it's very likely that the complete set of Chiaogoo Interchangeables would have been top of the list. As I didn't have the necessary funds on the day I had to make-do with a longing fondle and a cosmic wish! I bought another fixed pair in my go-to size (4mm), which will have to do for now, but I REALLY wish I had that set.
    As it happens, I didn't have to wait for the festival for the first of my wishes to be granted* as Wink brought this beautiful superwash merino from Eaden Yarns as a gift...
    Spinning Show & Tell (Unravel part 2)
    I have bought some of Kristina's punis before and just love her use of colour - this colourway really couldn't be more perfect. (Thank you, Wink!) Kristina is one of the crafters I truly hope to meet at the next Unravel - I'd love to have a fondle of her yarns and fibres.** Before deciding how to spin it up, I'll be revisiting the Spinning Dyed Fibre class I took a few months ago - it's so pretty I don't want to risk ruining the colours with my inexperienced heavy-handedness. 

    Of course, having this lovely gift before we even set off meant I had extra funds for the festival and I couldn't resist this pack of broken tops from John Arbon - it was a complete bargain at only £4 for 200g of fibre and I'm already wishing I'd bought more. 
    Spinning Show & Tell (Unravel part 2)
    Despite not planning on buying any yarn at all (I already have more than I know what to do with and want to be making more, rather than buying it) there was one thing that I just HAD to get, because you see, the other thing about all these friendships and time spent at Unravel together, is that you can get quite inspired.

    In the presence of so many hand-made things, and so much talk of yarn and patterns, you tend to come up with ideas that you wouldn't otherwise have had, and this little cake (I really love that it was sold as a cake as I HATE dealing with skeins), as innocent and serene as it looks, is destined for an exciting collaborative project which I'll tell you about soon. 
    100% wool gradient yarn from Namolio
    100% wool gradient yarn from Namolio

    You can probably tell from this and my previous post that Unravel was fabulous again this year and that's without mentioning the evening spent in PJs, drinking Prosecco enjoying the other kind of 'yarn' with friends. Actually, I'd better not tell you any more about that except that we had a lot of laughs! 

    For anyone who hasn't been to an event like this before, I really can't recommend it enough.  I went on my own the first time, and enjoyed the atmosphere and bewilderment, but since then, meeting up with people - many I previous only 'knew' via the blog or Twitter/ Instagram - has added a whole new dimension. For many of us, crafting is a mostly solitary thing, and the chance to get share it with others in this way really has become an annual highlight. I am already looking forward to next year.  

    Before I go, a little reminder that the second episode of the Great British Sewing Bee is on tonight on BBC2. It's going to be a good one. Related to this, a HUGE thank you to all the many (many!) Unravellers who took the time to say hello to my Mum and wish her well on the programme. She was quite overwhelmed with the support from all you lovely people. I'll get her back on here tomorrow to give us her feedback on tonight's show. See you then!

    Image via Supertinks on IG
    *You can see how I got on with the rest of the list in yesterday's post.
    **Unravel 2015 will take place from February 20-22 and I'll publish full details as soon as I have them. 


    1. Shhhhh! What happens on the pj party stays at the pj party lol ;)
      Can't wait to watch your Mum tonight xxx

    2. Great write-up yesterday and today. So wanting to do the overnight with you all next year ;)

    3. Sounds like you all had a wonderful "apres-unravel".
      Looking forward to tonight's episode. I wonder what other things your mum will let slip ;)

      1. We did!

        Thankfully the Bee wasn't as embarrassing as it could have been - phew! xx

    4. Ha ha! I just read about your night-vision goggles, I do have some! Well, a headtorch with white and red lamp settings, perfect for insomniacal knitting with 2 co-sleeping kiddies, a tablet and catch-up tv! Looking forward to tonight's episode :D


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