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If you read Simply Knitting magazine and have already bought / downloaded* the new January issue, you may have spotted the lovely feature from Judy Darley (p70-71) about how I find time to knit. (My Boy is very excited to have his picture in a magazine, and I suspect will want it for "Show & Tell" on Monday.) It's quite odd to see my words and pictures in physical print, because I still can't quite believe anyone reads my blog, nevermind wanting to interview me for magazines and such. 

Reading the article made me think that this would be a perfect time to say a big thank you to everyone who regularly visits. Being a part of the CftC community - leaving your generous comments, helping with knitting problems, joining the knitalongs and generally being a lovely bunch - means such a lot. For starters, it means I'm not just talking to myself several times a week!

If you're visiting for the first time after reading the article then a great big hello and WELCOME to you. You might like to start with the Tips & Tutes page and the Patterns page, as they link to the most popular posts. You can also explore the archives by category tag here.  I hope you enjoy your visit and that you'll come again soon. 

There are some more exciting things coming up in the next few months - I'll keep you posted. 
*If you haven't tried a digital version before, you can get a two-month free trial of Simply Knitting from the iTunes newstand and you can also purchase a Zinio issue too. 


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    1. Your new venture is looking really exciting, I'm so happy for you :D

  2. How nice for you! :-) I'm always coming back.

  3. My 9 year old son pointed out the interview to me yesterday whilst he was reading (well, it's supposed to be) my copy and said "is this the lady who spins?!".

    I've actually silently lurked around your blog for the last year or so (doesn't that sound awful?!), but thought I'd delurk to let you know how grateful I actually am to you for inspiring The Boy to follow his heart with regards to textiles. Like you, I grew up around grandmothers and a mother who knitted and crocheted every single "spare" moment they had (and it's rubbed off on me, I can't sit down in an evening without something to occupy my hands, otherwise I simply doze off!), but - even though I was taught *how* at a very young age, I didn't take to it until pregnant with my youngest, 10 years ago. Whilst he (currently) shows no inclination to learn how to knit or crochet (he says that's my task whenever I've suggested that I teach him how to), he is very interested in the creation of the yarn itself (well, and in picking the patterns...).

    Last summer, he started dying wool (under supervision, of course) - and now sells some of it to an artist friend of mine who uses it to knit up and felt the most gorgeous bags which she decorates and sells for vast quantities of money! - and, last week, chose his first drop spindle and roving as a festive gift. Because of your spinning posts. So, seriously... *thank you* for inspiring not only myself, but also my 9 year old son to following his heart and doing something that makes him truly happy. Because of crafters like you, textile crafting will keep going.

    Thank you.

    1. This comment completely made my day! Thank you so much for leaving the message x


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