WIPs, books, yarn & a new pattern

With wintery weather making its presence felt (a temperature into negative figures overnight, but we still got soaked on the school run/dog walk) thoughts are turning to staying indoors with some knitting. Since yesterday's show and tell, I did a little work on my handspun project which now has two colours and a couple of stripes that aren't really visible in the photo. I can't tell you how much I love knitting the yarn I made on my spindles - it's quite unlike knitting anything else. I am officially hooked. 
WIPs and books: November 20th 2013
It's been a while since I've made any 'stash enhancements' (i.e. bought yarn for its own sake) but I really couldn't resist a few skeins from Kauni's Etsy shop, which are very different to the soft fluffy yarn I've been making, but absolutely stunning.

 WIPs and books: November 20th 2013 - Kauni yarn

You may remember I fell in love with Kauni when I made the rainbow Whippoorwill and then used the leftovers for some of my favourite hexipuffs. The recent restocking seemed a great time to try some 1 ply. I have around 1,800m of the red/green and 800m of the purple/blues and grand plans for them both... but they will have to wait while I crack on with a few other projects.

There are some new books on the go - a review copy oHook, Yarn and Crochet which I'll be writing about soon, and the Booker prize winner The Luminaries for next month's book club, although it's highly unlikely I'll have read all 849 pages by then.

Googly Santa Decoration: free pattern coming soon!

In other news, my latest little pattern is now available to download from the Black Sheep Wools website as part of the Creative Christmas campaign. Thanks for the suggestions about his face - in the end I decided that he was far cuter with stick-on googly eyes and I love him! The pattern can be used without the beard to make elf friends for him too. Googly Santa is listed on  Ravelry, where you can see a full-length picture, add him to your queue and hopefully link up any FOs. 


  1. Pretty colors here. I haven't tried that Kauni brand yet.

  2. I've been meaning to try to get some Kauni ever since your rainbow shawl, I'm not sure if it's a good thing you've reminded me of it or not lol.

    Your santa is wonderful! The googly eyes are perfect.

    Your handspun project looks so soft and fluffy and warm

  3. That's a great pattern..the shaping is divine! thank you!


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