Soaking & Thwacking

Today I've been soaking and thwacking* and enjoying the online Spinning class I talked about last week. There is a lot of really useful information for a relative newbie like me, and probably plenty for the more experienced spinner too, although being new to all of it, I'm finding it all helpful and only wish I'd watched it sooner. A couple of people asked whether the class is suitable for spinners who use a spindle rather than a wheel, and my answer is yes (I have yet to use a wheel). The class covers fibre preparation, understanding how to get the effect you want in your finished yarn, maintaining or mixing the colours in the fibre. It's about the way the fibre is prepped, split and spun and how that can be used to affect the outcome, and so is applicable to a spindle as much a wheel. (There is a dedicated spindling class, if that's what you're after).
Spinning Show & Tell: soaking and thwacking.
On the subject of wheels, a Schacht Ladybug is definitely heading this way for Christmas. I'm so excited already and starting to note some of the fibres I'd like to try. Do you have any spinning items on your wishlist? My 2013 Festive Gift Guide kicks off on Thursday, so if you find something awesome that you think spinners would love, please let me know and I may be able to include it.

As usual, the Mr Linky is below (view in your web browser if you can't see it on a mobile device). Happy Spinning! 
*I still don't really know the correct term for this!


  1. How did you make your wheel choice? Did you try out different ones? I'm planning to go to Wonderwool Wales next year and am hoping to scope out the wheels there!

    1. Nope, I have NEVER tried a wheel. Ever. :D

      I went on recommendations from lots of people and this was the most popular recommendation by far, and also the one I was fancying based on various reading I'd done.

  2. I'd looooooooove a drum carder one day but since they cost more than my wheel did that dream is far away.

    1. Yes! I have my friend's here but it needs adjusting before I can use it so I haven't tried yet but I have to get it working before the wheel comes as I have a whole fleece to spin!

  3. Such fun terms spinning uses. I think I will only have one spinning item on my Xmas wishlist and that will be a private lesson with the drop spindle instructor who's teaching two class at my LYS. I can't go to the evening class. I'm too exhausted and the hubb doesn't get home until past 7.

  4. I missed my spool a while ago. I asked around but it was nowhere to be found. Also people who had borrowed my spinning wheel didn't know about the spool Then I forgot about it. And yesterday a friend called to tell me that she found the spool. So I am ready for the ADVENTURE. Hopefully, I will find the time this winter. :-) Your yarn is beautiful!


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