FO Friday: Bo Peep & some spinning!

FO Friday

PATTERN: Bo Peep Scarf by Tiny Owl Knits (my Ravelry notes here)
YARNS: Drops Fabel held double with Nimu Kidsy
I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this - because of the fun pattern and the vivid raspberry red colour, which clashes beautifully with the blog - oops. Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me tie it around my neck! I tried many times this morning so I could get a photo, and ran out of time before I managed. Must practice. When I figure out how to do it up I'll get some more photos! The pattern is easy to follow and to knit but as others have said on Ravelry, it is really quite floppy when worn which is a shame as the shaping is so nice. I'm considering sewing a thin lining in to help.

This project was a stashbuster project made for my Year of Projects. As the three skeins of yarn made in September for the YoP haven't been featured on FO Friday yet, I thought I'd show you those too...

September 2013's handspun yarn

For anyone who is interested in spinning, or who already blogs about spinning or fibre, please pop over on Tuesdays for Spinning Show & Tell link party. It's something that started a little while ago and we already have a some lovely spinners regularly linking up. It would be great to see more of you join us. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!


  1. At first sight I thought you had made a cusion with a tie. :-) The red is mind-blowing. :-)

  2. Shame it's so floppy! could you add some semi hard crafting wire around the bow edges and hide it in the lining to help form and keep shape ? Just an idea lol xx

  3. I'd love to see that scarf worn, so I hope you will practice and post a pic soon. It's really amazingly bright. Your handspun skeins are gorgeous - what are you making from them?

  4. I'm glad you started spinning show & tell, it's fun to have a bunch all in one place!

  5. I didn't even put two and two together that this as the scarf. Google on how to wear your scarf as a bow. There's tutorials out there. It will look so cute on you.
    The handspun is beautiful!


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