Spinning Show & Tell

Lots of 'spinners' have been busy in our village - almost every tree, bush and street sign was heavily adorned in this morning's dew. I'm not an arachnid fan, but it was quite spectacular.
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I've done some spinning this week too, but nothing quite so intricate. AYLM's spin-along knit-along officially started yesterday, although I made a slight head-start because I'm spinning on a drop spindle and many others are using a wheel. You've seen this fibre before but the label is in the photo if you want to know what it is.  It is lovely to spin, although I'm not sure it'll actually turn out as a DK weight which the pattern calls for, I'm just spinning it thicker than I would for a fingering weight. Is there a good way of calculating these things? Something more scientific? What do you do? 
Spinning show and tell - Sept 24th
For the first time I controlled the urge to haphazardly 'spin and guess', and the fibre was weighed and then split into (approximately) equal sized lengths before spinning. As a result I can tell you that the first 50g is very nearly done and didn't take very long at all.

As this is was the last of my meagre fibre stash, some pretty punis have arrived from Eaden Yarns, and I'm trying to resist getting side-tracked by them.
Spinning show and tell - Sept 24th
So that's my spinning/fibre update. If you'd like to leave yours, add a link to the Mister Linky below. Finally a little reminder of the yarn giveaway - the draw is on Friday! 


  1. I love the fibre you are using for the SAL! I've decided to spin a 3ply as I was a bit unsure I would be able to get a dk. I've no idea if it will help though, it's my first 3 ply so we'll see how that goes!
    Those rolags are gorgeous!!

  2. I'm using some yarn I spun for the TDF that was meant to be fingering but turned out as DK!

    One thing I always do is let the yarn twist up on itself and see if the result is anywhere near the final product I want. Hope that helps!

  3. I am currently trying to get to grips with an e-spinner that I have managed to borrow for a couple of weeks. I'm getting tuition via Facebook comments at the moment! Isn't the Internet a lovely thing?

  4. I do the same as Anya, pull a length of yarn off the bobbin/spindle at let it twist back on itself to see the approx finished size of a 2-ply yarn. If you don't think 2-ply will get you there, you can always navajo-ply your sinlges for a 3-ply.

  5. I'm not so clever yet to really know what I'm spinning weight wise ... but the others seem to have good suggestions :)
    Loving the Anne Boleyn - gorgeous colour. And, oh dear - more dyers to covet before I leave ...

  6. beautiful! Do you always spin woolen with those rolags and punis? I have been learning worsted so I was just curious.


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