'Go-to' knitting.

Socks: Regia Snowflake Color (Sleigh)
Following my last post, I put aside the  things which were not going to plan, and started these. Plain vanilla socks, fun self patterning yarn (Regia) - a case of sitting back, and zoning out to the simple pleasure of 2mm (Chiaogoo) needles between the fingers. It turns out that simple mindless knitting was exactly what I needed. 

A pair of vanilla socks on my favourite needles has become my 'go to' project. No need to think about tension, following a pattern or anything else - I could probably make these with my eyes closed. Perfect relaxation... and a step closer to having a whole week's worth of handknit socks before the cold weather returns. 

Do you have a 'go-to' pattern? 


  1. Gorgeous yarn! As you know my go to project is always socks.Perfectly portable and almost meditative knitting. It keeps my mojo between indecision which I am very prone to.

  2. They look great...one pair of socks on the go on the same circular needle? I saw a video using two circulars at once which was way too complicated for me to follow. You appear to be using one set of circulars. Please do show and tell how you are making these, Please...best regards Julia x

  3. Vanilla socks. Soothing project. Great color way, a happy one. I haven't had an on-the-go project for quite some time since the written word has me sucked in. As for sock pattern, I love Ann Budd's 8 sts per inch one but that's for cuff down. Now toe up is my way to go for socks because they fit better. I only have the book, Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting - pattern to go by.

  4. At the moment, it would probably be Innocent Hats for their Big Knit. Simple enough pattern.

  5. I like socks that are mostly vanilla but with a little bit of patterning that helps me keep track of how long the leg/foot are, so I don't have to count rows. My Ribby Holiday Socks pattern was designed with go-to knitting in mind. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ribby-holiday-socks

    1. Lovely pattern Alicia! I hate counting too which is why I always knit two at a time and then I just measure against my hand to know when to increase for the gusset (fingertips to heel of hand = toe to gusset length).


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