Books & WIPs... and something for the Archie fans

Naturally, the past week has been all about Archie. In case you missed him, here's our newest family member. Don't be fooled by the cuteness, he was attacking the rabbit, not cuddling it! 
Archie Schnauzer & rabbit
It will come as no surprise that I've been reading more dog books including Clicker Training For Dogs: A Beginner's Guide (he has now learned 'sit'), a wonderful book by Bruce Fogle (highly recommended!) and dipping into various others.

I also finished reading The Light Between OceansAs I mentioned last week, this was for our book club and in the hurry to finish it on time, I listened to the second half of the book. Wow! I wasn't initially gripped by the first quarter of the story, most likely because of the doggy-prep distractions, but I will admit that last Wednesday afternoon, while folding the laundry and listening to the end, I was in floods of tears. I am not often moved in this way, and suspect the quality of the writing may have been intensified by headphones - there was no escaping or looking away. I felt emotionally bereft and exhausted afterwards - it was all too easy to empathise with all of the characters in this tragic tale. If you haven't heard of the book already, I don't want to spoil it by giving too much away except to say there is an inevitability throughout that reminded me a lot of the Hardy novels I read at school. This has been touted as one of the top books of the year, and I'd have to agree. I couldn't pick up another novel for a few days so for some light relief I've just started reading Where'd You Go, Bernadette which is fun so far. 

So what I have been working on? Some spinning for the Age of Brass & Steam SAL/KAL I'm taking part in (blogged yesterday) and I'm still trying to decide on some yarn to cast on a project from Woodland Knits. I also need to start the next pair of socks - perhaps Exotic Whirlpool in some stash yarn. It looks like a fun construction. And talking of socks, there are just 48 hours until the yarn giveaway draw - don't forget to enter!


  1. OMG so cuuuuuuute please can you tell my boyfriend he HAS to get me one!?

  2. i'm reading light between oceans too---been distracted by assorted stuff, but have enjoyed the writing immensely. I guess i've been dawdling a bit, too, because i'm not quite ready emotionally to tackle what is to didn't spoil anything! I know what has to be---and i'm not looking forward to it.

  3. Your doggie is cuter than supercute:) !

  4. How cute!! What kind of dog is Archie? Love the name BTW. My boyfriend and I just bought our first dog and he gets into everything. I have been looking into dog training in Baltimore and things like how short is to short to cut their nails. I need to start reading some dog training books. I will definitely have to check out Clicker Training For Dogs: A Beginner's Guide. This sounds like the exact thing that we need. Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy you newest family member!!

  5. Archie is adorable. Is he a scottie?

  6. Young Archie really is rather cute :)

  7. Every pic of Archie I see, I understand why you've fallen in love with him. I am intrigued about that book but oh tragic? I don't know if I could stand the heartbreak.


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