Pick A Boo Round-up!

Over the last two months knitters from around the UK and all over the world (including United States, Canada, Crete, Sweden, Ireland and more...) have joined in for the Pick A Boo! knitalong. The 'rules' were simple - cast on one of the Boo Knits designs during July or August and update us with your progress. Little did I realise that so many people would get the 'boo bug' and cast on more than one! 

Here are just a small selection of finished shawls - clicking the link beneath each picture will take you to the individual project pages, the pattern name is in brackets where the project name differs. 

vhglass' Meringue (Fragile Heart) - source: Ravelry

Michelle166's Cloud Illusions - source: Ravelry

HelenKnitsUK's Cobwebs and Dewdrops (Out of Darkness) - source: Ravelry

Fairywool's Leprechaun (Quite Continental) - source: Ravelry

Tinkhickman's Cloud Illusions - source: Ravelry

Divani's Byzantium Dreams (Sweet Dreams) - source: Ravelry

I really wish I could show you all of the beautiful shawls but there are too many - please visit the "Finished Object" thread to see more. You can also find lots of progress shots (and some which were completed but not added to the FO page) on this thread and still more on Instagram tagged as #pickabooFO.

I can't tell you how much fun it's been to check in througout the summer and see the work of so many lovely knitters on Instagram and the Ravelry groupPeople have been generous about sharing their progress (good and bad) and to offer help and advice. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this knitalong and special thanks go to Bev (Boo Knits) who was generous with her time - offering lots of encouragement and advice along the way - and for her giveaway prize, and also to the lovely Tabs of RosyRetro for her prize contribution.  

There will be another knitalong before the year is out, so stay tuned! 


  1. There are some beautiful, finished shawls, I will definitely be doing another Boo Knits shawl, soon. Thank you for organising this great KAL. Deb x

  2. Beautiful outcomes. Lace shawl designers ate so clever!

  3. There have been some beautiful shawls knitted. I had a great time knitting mine. Thank you for organising the KAL

    Ruby x (moleymakes)

  4. They are all lovely but that teal one with the beads just slays me. So perfect!

  5. These are all beautiful. Can't wait to cast on for one of her shawls - this winter's project :-).

  6. I have cast on and knit the body of the Cloud Illusions shawl. The lacing is making me nervous though. It's still sitting in my knitting box waiting to be finished! These pictures give me inspiration though!


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