My week of knitting

My week of knitting - a doodled info graphic for Crafts from the Cwtch blog
I should have worked on my Dragonfly Wings shawl in advance of tomorrow's update....  
I should have finished the socks that have been in my bag for several months, untouched...
I should have tidied the house following two trips away in as many weeks... 
...but I didn't manage any of these things.

So what have I been doing? Driving to Wales and back, spending time with family and friends, and constantly refereeing two children who are over the summer holidays and can't wait to get back to school in a(nother!) fortnight. At this precise moment I can't wait either... although I know I'll feel very different on the first day of term. 

When I've had the chance to do anything else I've been reading all about puppies*, knitting a few hexipuffs and starting a brand new project. I'll tell you all about that, and the yarn, on Friday when I'll also be offering the chance to win 200g of the same colourway. Until then, I suppose I'd better get back to my list of unfinished things.
WIPs & books - August 21st 2013
*We are going to see a potential pup at the weekend!!!!!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a sorrowful knitalong update, but in the meantime, you can find more 'work in progress' posts here, here and here


  1. Love the pie true! I started a new project and I'm having a hard time putting down and I need to pay bills! LOL! I love the color in whatever that yarn is your using. The little hexie puffs are so cute! Enjoy the Summer while you can....and the kids too...they DO grow up way too fast...ask me....mine are all grown and gone.

  2. I understand this....I've been working on getting my classroom ready and when I get home I'm too exhausted to craft....

  3. The chart is too funny . Love the color way on your project and good luck with your new pup!

  4. LOL! That pie chart rocks! You must be excited (or the children at least!) about a new puppy! Thank you for linking up at my Link Party (Link & Share Wednesdays) - very sweet of you :) Have a lovely week :) Rhondda

  5. Me too with the pie chart ... just too hot! I love that colorway on the bottom photo. Wow!

  6. oh my, that pie chart would be quite accurate for me also. I approach the first day of school with some bittersweet feelings. As much as they can drive me crazy I know this house will be awfully quiet come September.

  7. Oh gosh, so true. What bright heathers! They're fun. OMGosh…a pup? That is big.

  8. there are no knitting police which are going to scold you for not knitting (that's straight from the electric sheep podcast and I tell myself it all the time)

    but that graph is really good and it how I feel whenever I have a neglected WIP that I just don't feel like knitting.

  9. That pie chart is so me. I spend oodles of time planning what I will knit and next to no time actually knitting!


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