Year of Projects: Fuzzy

Year of Projects: handspun hexipuffs
The much anticipated Saturday "crafternoon" didn't go quite to plan when emails, Netflix and various lists for our holiday had me sidetracked, but I did manage some handspun hexipuffs, a couple of rows on Whippoorwill (which is less than a dozen rows from completion) and a little project which used up a small quantity of my early handspun yarn as well as an old Pesto jar. It was knit on 3.5mm and 4mm needles in the round. (Cast on with 30 sts and the smallest needles, increasing to 32 sts and the 4mm needles at the wider point of the jar.) It should probably have a third row of yarn overs, but I like it anyway and... ALL of these things counts towards my Year of Projects!

If you want to join with in the 3rd YoP, the information and links can be found here and it runs until June 30th 2014 so you have LOADS of time to catch up! 


  1. Fuzzy indeed! The jar cover is very cute ... and I think it's better without the extra row of yarnovers. Makes the lighting more subtle, right?

    Whippoorwill maybe a dozen rows from completion but those are looooong rows, aren't they?

  2. Ohhhh love the jar, have seen that done in crochet but never in knit and I love it, good way to use up odds and ends. Love the hexipuffs, your colours remind me of autumn which is my favourite season but I think making all those little puffs would drive me batty lol. I find planned crafternoons never work for me in my house so I just spring them on the house and that seems to work, perhaps an idea for your next crafternoon ?

  3. Those hexipuffs look really cute and cuddly :)

  4. Oooh pretty hexipuffs! And that's a great idea with the jar, I may have to try that!

  5. The tea light cover is cute. I'm thinking of wee projects for my first bits of handspun too ...

  6. I love the handspun jar, it sort of glows in a warm and fuzzy way! I keep thinking that a blanket made of hexipuffs would be a great idea until I remember I have a crochet motif blanket that hasn't seen the light of day in an age

  7. I really like those warm, fuzzy colors of the hexis. Good movies can be great knitting time. I love that.

  8. Oh math! That is a brazilliant idea! Knitting and candles... hmmm I might have to give this project a try! Thanks for sharing :D

  9. ooh pretty little hexipuffs, I love the little fuzziness of them. Have a knitty weekend xx


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