Spinning Show & Tell: From animal to spindle

This week I've done a little spinning from one of the gorgeous batts I showed you last week. This one is 50% BFL which my friend Hannah dyed herself, and 50% Alpaca which is from Oscar, one of the animals owned by Hannah's mum. There's something lovely about knowing a little about the background of your fibre, don't you think?*
Spinning Show & Tell
It's spinning up really nicely on the Dawning Dreams spindle which is a pleasure to use. I've tried rolling the spindle on my leg this week - I usually flick it. Rolling it is fine but it feels less controlled and as it's going faster, doesn't feel quite as relaxing so it'll probably stay an ocasional thing. Are you a roller or a flicker?

Hopefully this batt be finished and plied before next week and a few other things are also in production:
  • Last Wednesday I showed a drinking straw holding some singles, waiting for the rest to be spun. A couple of my spindles have shafts which are thin enough to slide a straw onto - a trick I picked up from the Must Stash girls. Then it's just a case of carefully sliding the cop onto the straw. Using my "DIY Lazy Kate" I can slip the knitting needles into the straw and hey presto, it's ready to ply. 
  • The remainder of my year-old 'starter set' fibre has finally been spun, plied and is waiting to be washed and mini-skeined. I'll save that for next week. 
As usual, there is a Mister Linky below for you to add your spinning/fibre posts. I'm really enjoying the blogs that have been participating so far, and hope that more people will join us over time. Please help to spread the word by linking your readers back to the other posts.

*If you want to try some of the raw fleece, or handcarded batts from these cuties, you can email Hannah for details as she is currently taking custom orders.


  1. Those Alpacas are so CUTE!!!

  2. Gorgeous Alpacas! How cool to know something about where your fibre has come from.
    Since starting with my top whorl spindle, I have really liked rolling on my leg but I've had to change my sitting position to make it work. The other thing I'm liking about my top whorl is the Straw Trick. I can't do it with my bottom whorl because the hook gets in the way.

  3. How adorable are those Alpaca!! Your yarn looks beautiful, I love the mix of dyed and natural fibres and that spindle looks like it is so much fun to spin on!

  4. I'm definitely a flicker! Cant roll it to save my life, but I definitely prefer standing up to spin - it doesn't hurt my arms and its easily transportable, so I'm able to spin and walk around at the same time. It gives me something to do while supervising at the park!

  5. Ooh, I do like the idea of knowing your beast. I'm definitely a flicker with my spindle.
    Sarah, I'm totally hooked now. Do you think I'll knit again?

  6. The handspun looks so wonderfully soft. The alpacas are cute.


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